Web Design 3.0: When Your Web Design Really Matters

Oleg Dudko
Jan 30 · 21 min read


Chapter 1. Web Design Is Changing

Evolution of Web Design

First Websites

Transition To Web Design 1.0

Transition To Web Design 2.0

Modern Web Design on various devices

Is Web Design Dead?

Search results on Google
Bootstrap in Google Trends
Pinterest results for “web design bootstrap”
Search hints on Google

Print Design

Print Design on Pinterest

The Birth of Web Design 3.0

Modern web designs from Pinterest
83 Oranges on Pinterest

Removing Table Constraints

Example from Pinterest
Example from Pinterest

Modern Grid Layouts

Examples of complex grids

Web Design 3.0 Trends

Web Design trends from Pinterest, Behance, and Dribbble.

Web Design Research

Audience growth on Pinterest

Main Goal

Web Design 3.0 ideas on Pinterest

For Non-Designers


Chapter 2. Website Builders Are Behind Trends

The Evolution of Website Builders

Timeline of Website Builders

Transition To Visual Editors

Transition to visual editors

Transition To Bootstrap

Bootstrap home page

Transition to Web Design 3.0


Screenshot from WordPress.org


Screenshot from YouTube

Website Builders Have No Progress

Progress Is Going On

Image by Tesla.com

CSS Grid

The New Dimension In Web Design

Dimensions in Web Design
Web Design Generations

Removing Table Constraints

Positioning in Web Design
Free positioning in interiors

Limited vs. Free Positioning

Limited vs. Free Positioning
Maps of Washington DC
Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint

Separate Markets

Markets of tools for web designers and webmasters
Image from AnnTaylor.com


Chapter 3: Tools for Web Design 3.0

Creative and Simple


Web Design 3.0 Site Builder

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Web Design 3.0 Site Builder