Designing a feedback widget

Nick Ocampo
Nick Ocampo
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2 min readAug 15, 2017


The story of BetaFish

BetaFish was born out of a real-world desire to get user feedback from our users in a more efficient way.

I was in charge of designing product flows for a busy startup and found that establishing a continuous feedback cycle from users was too much work to keep up. I decided to work through some ideas of what would satisfy my needs on my notebook.

Designing the widget

A core concept of BetaFish is that the feedback is collected inside our customer’s own app. I designed a widget icon that would sit at the bottom corner of a web application in a fixed position.

The icon is a mutation of the message icon. I turned it into a fish inside a bowl to reflect our narrative: BetaFish is a fish that sits on your web app to collect feedback.

Categorizing feedback

I wanted BetaFish to ask the user to put their feedback into a category so that user feedback is organized as it gets collected.

Prototyping with Flinto

I used Flinto to quickly create a few prototype videos of the three main flows we wanted to show to our target customers to gauge interest and test our concept. We also created a separate prototype using MarvelApp for the admin side, which you can see here.