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Below are a few logos I’ve made. Almost all of them were part of larger brand kit including several logo variations for different contexts, a typography set, reusable visual elements and more. But the people just want to see the hits, so here are the main logos:


Blocks is a political advocacy platform, where I am head of product.


Politech is the company behind Blocks. Aside from supporting and maintaining Blocks, we also build lots of cool applications for the politics industry.


Adastra Logo

Adastra is a tech startup aimed at bringing a tablet-based ad marketing model to ride-shares.


BetaFish Logo

BetaFish is a logo for a product I created. It is a web widget that pops up at chosen times in a UX flow to gather user feedback.


Cameleon Logo

Chameleon is a logo for an event ticket sales verifying app on Android and iOS.

Henry Sotelo Campaign

Henry Sotelo Logo

Daby Dental

Daby Dental

Daby Dental is, as you might have guessed, a Dentistry.


Moonest Album Artwork

Kevin Shinn is a singer-songwriter in Seattle, WA. I actually also recorded and produced this record (my first time doing it at the time).

Pine Fresh

Pine Fresh company logo

Pine Fresh is a house cleaning company in California.


Quaffer is a brand of shot glasses that allow you to pour booze in the bottom half of the glass and chaser in the top half without them mixing. It’s pretty great!



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