The Benson Chair

Nick Threapleton
Jul 3, 2016 · 2 min read

Woodworking is one of my favourite hobbies so when Kristy asked my to build a sharp, angular feature chair for our place I jumped on it.

It’s constructed of entirely dressed pine and uses traditional mortise and tenon joinery to come together without any screws or nails. Each joint was formed using hand tools.

An outward angle the forward leg posed a challenge. The angle put a lot of force on the joint which meant it had to be particularly strong.

Forward joint concepts

A simplified version of these joint concepts provided a good amount of surface area for gluing giving the strength need.

Dry fit.

After spending hours milling and cutting it was a huge relief to see it all fit!

Once all the pieces were cut, the chair was glued, sanded and then finished with a matte polyurethane.

The final result

Nick Threapleton

Work of Melbourne digital marketer.

Nick Threapleton

Written by

Melbourne digital marketer and Tech Lead at Bolster Group.

Nick Threapleton

Work of Melbourne digital marketer.

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