KanDDDinsky Strategic DDD Workshop Review & Materials

Nick Tune
Nick Tune
Oct 24, 2017 · 2 min read

I’m just home from a mind-blowing few days in Berlin for the KanDDDinsky conference. On day two of the conference, Zsofia Herendi and I ran our Advanced Strategic DDD workshop.

Here are our workshop materials if you’d like to learn more or run the workshop yourself:

- Slides
- Workshop Practices Booklet
- Workshop Exercises Booklet

Having the opportunity to team up with Zsofia was an incredible slice of fortune. With her help, this was definitely the most successful version of the workshop so far.

I also have to give full credit to the attendees. Their enthusiasm and creativity made the workshop an unbelievable experience. As we did the presentations at the end of the day, the whole room was overflowing with passion and laughter.

This workshop experience has proven once again that software developers truly are incredibly creative people who deserve to be given more opportunities to innovate across all areas of an organisation as Marty Cagan continues to argue.

One team designed a business called Space Burger and architected a software system that would fire people to Mars via large cannons, all from the comfort of their cars.

Another team designed a business and architected the software system of a mind-control device that could give you the holiday of your dreams — literally in your dreams!

There were a number of other truly sensational ideas. But it wasn’t just the crazy ideas that stand out. It was the continued passion shown by attendees. They spent a whole day designing business models, modelling the domain, understanding their users’ needs and architecting the software systems of their business.

This was a sensational example showing how the combination of work and play allows us to learn new skills, unlock creativity, and laugh our socks off all at the same time.

I highly recommend you experiment with new workshops and fun ways of learning. If you need any help at all, Zsofia and I would love to help you.

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