Learning, Teaching & Selling DDD With The Infographic

Since making the mistake of writing a DDD book, I now get lots of people asking me how they can sell the benefits of DDD to management, how they can teach it to their teams, and even how they can make sense of it themselves.

I know that feeling too well. The first time I read Eric Evans big blue book, I felt like I’d learned a huge amount, but my brain was stuck thinking: “Ok, I’ve read the book. What on earth do I do now?”.

But I’m pleased to announce that there is now an easy way to sell, teach and explain DDD — with “The Anatomy of Domain-Driven Design” Infographic. You can grab as many digital copies as you like, free on Leanpub.

Credit for this infographic goes to my friend and co-author Scott Millett who designed and went through all the effort of getting it published.

When people used to ask me to explain DDD, I used to give them my luxury 3 course meal analogy. Now, I just give them a copy of Scott’s infographic and save them the pain of listening to me being weird.

Want a Physical Copy?

A few people were asking for physical copies of the infographic so Scott got a batch printed out and has some to give away. I’m actually convinced he’s doing this just to save people from hearing my awkward luxury 3 course meal analogy.

The physical copies are in booklet format. If you want a copy, just send Scott a tweet and he will have a copy sent to you if you can cover the minimal postage expense.

Apparently, he will even cover the postage costs if you have reviewed our book on Amazon. Again, just send Scott a tweet and let him know you want a copy.

However, if you do still want to hear my luxury 3 course meal analogy, just let me know. You will love it!