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Writing a great pitch deck

When explaining your business to potential investors you’re probably being asked for a pitch deck for review. Crafting one that communicates the vision well in the average 3 minutes and 44 seconds that investors spend on your deck can often take more than a few weeks! I’ve certainly made hundreds of improvements to my decks as I have received more and more feedback.

I’ve gone through this process many times, and along with feedback from trusted advisors, I have found the wealth of resources available online really useful. I wanted to share what I’ve found. If you have any suggestions for additional resources that I’ve missed, please email me and I’ll add them to this post.

A good deck is useful way beyond investor pitches; I use parts of mine in big client pitches and when introducing new team members to the business.

Best Practice

Best practice: Lessons from analysis of how investors look at decks

Best Practice: How to pitch a VC by Dave McClure, 500 startups

Same presentation with updates and suggestions from others:

Video by David Rose (Entrepreneur and investor) on things you should know before pitching a VC.

Example: Sequoia’s Investment Memo on YouTube (this is how your business will get appraised)


Curated list of decks:

Curated list of decks 2:

Curated list of decks 3:

Mixpanel’s deck is considered as a great deck by many investors.

Reid Hoffman’s LinkedIn Series B Pitch — accompanied by tips / advice

AirBNB’s deck

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Nick is an entrepreneur. He’s the CEO of food tech company and HR software company Air ( He’s an BBC Apprentice 2012 finalist, received an honour doctorate from Aston University in 2016 and sometimes does some guest speaking.

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Nick Holzherr

Nick Holzherr

CEO of, acquired by Samsung.

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