Why we are not part of 20% ?

I have read somewhere that 20% of people in world hold 80% of the wealth in the world; assuming that 7 billion total head count — 1.4 billion people the chosen ones; When i say wealth — it can be any one from the LSD trilogy; Lakshmi(money), Saraswati(knowledge) or Durga (power).
Question here is — are they really chosen ones? Do they have more than 24 hours in a day? Do they have got any extra organs? Is all 1.4 billion born with silver spoon? I do not think so…
They must be doing something that the common lot does not do. Lets take some common celebrity examples; Rahul Dev — the model an actor once said — “he has got sweet tooth and very fond of chocolates”; how does he maintains his 10 pack abs, even after eating lots of diary milk bars — the secret saga he said is one bar of chocolate means 50 lapse on a Olympic size swimming pool before sleep on that day; You will be given all the luxury that Rahul has — are you ok do this 50 lapse, whenever you eat chocolate bar?

Famous dola re, dola re songs from Devdas…. total screen time 4.5 mins;; total 100+ junior artists;; 10+ main artists;; crew;; over 12 sets of same costumes … continuous 28 days of shooting to complete the 4.5 mins song;; once director say pack-up day ends for everyone in the set, except one person;; he has another 3 hours to go — the director. Sanjay Leela Bansali

Famous Tamil actor Vikram’s teenage daughter was mentioning once in a TV interview that she is proud of his father as her female classmates lure at her father’s physique; At the age to 50 how Vikram is maintaining it ? 2.5 hours of work out everyday in a gym all the seven days a week for 365 days — can we do half an hour work in gym for the next 65 days?

People needs ridiculous levels of perseverance to stick to such kind of results; Did you know it took 6 years for Marvan Atapattu to score his second run in an international match?

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