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GURU and NidhiDAO Reborn?

A vote…

  • Nidhi DAO is merged with Tangible DAO
  • There will be a token swap 1:1 from GURU to TNGBL
  1. Backing is a meme, a token can trade beneath it, rendering it meaningless.
  1. What happens if Market Cap reaches RFV and new tokens for rewards can’t be minted anymore?
  2. What happens if a “backed’ token trades beneath the backing price?
  3. Does 3,3 even make sense?
  • They will absorb our discord and twitter (Rebrand to Tangible DAO)
  • Initial TNGBL supply will be the same as GURU supply
  • Our core team will join Tangible DAO
  • The team will not claim pGURU and instead will receive a team allocation from the DAO tokens.



Nidhi DAO is building a decentralized community-owned currency, backed by real world assets with the vision of creating wealth and abundance for all.

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