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Carlos Costa
Nov 28, 2019 · 4 min read

Well..this week has been exciting.

It marked the 2 year anniversary since we established a company with huge ambitions in a student share house in Australia.

It marked my best friend (and co-founder) Carlo’s 26th birthday, whom I couldn’t be happier to be on this journey with.

And it’s been the week that we’ve launched Nido to the world.

Looking back, it hasn’t just been this week that’s been particularly exciting, but this whole 2 year journey has been a hell of a ride.

Nido: 2 years in the making

On paper, Nido is just a couple of days old, but in reality it’s been going full force for more than 2 years.

Carlo, Guili and I, quit our jobs and moved to Australia to bootstrap a project which was back then called Friend Theory, a marketplace to find travel accommodation between your friends of friends.

Straight after launching the first version of our project, things went relatively smoothly. We grew organically to over 20,000 users, built a team of passionate people and have been battling the rollercoaster ride of what building a startup is like.

During this period of time, we really wanted to understand what exactly we we needed to build in order to achieve our mission, and to do this, we spent this time, meeting and staying with users in over 10 countries, from Australia, through to Europe, Israel and the US, in order to get insights and as much personal feedback on the project as we could get.

Through our journey, we’ve learned from users and industry experts that the way we’ve been focusing our project could be improved, we’ve also realised that there is a better way to achieve our mission and this is why Nido has come to be.

Why Nido?

We started Nido because we have the basic human need to connect to a group of likeminded people that you can rely on for support, whether you are in your hometown or abroad.

By being connected to people you share a strong common ground with, you gain what is called Social Capital; which are the resources embedded in social relationships.

Today’s social networks are broken, they are built as entertainment apps, making you feel lonely and isolated, rather than feeling connected in real life. We truly believe the real value of any social network lies in the social capital created among its members, they should enable you to be part of a global community of people that are just like you.

By connecting through communities on Nido, we are increasing the world’s supply of social capital, and by doing that, we are improving people’s lives and making our society much better off.

How does it work?

In simple words, Nido is a free group communication app, where local communities from around the world that share similarities with connect, communicate and help each other.

We are trying to make casual group communication easy, fun and scalable so the way that Nido works it’s pretty simple.

You can join or host your local private group on Nido & communicate with other members via a posts, group chats or threads, and soon, there is going to be easy ways of organising group meetups, and other features such as creating polls for the group.

By being a member of local private group, you will also get access to a global community made up of thousands of local private groups like your own, so you will always find a local like minded person anywhere in the world.

Say for example you are part of an entrepreneurs club at your university. You will be able to use Nido as a group communication tool tailored for your club, and on top of that, you will get access to the Global Entrepreneurs community, a community made up of other student entrepreneur clubs spread around the world.

Where are we heading?

We originally set out to build a way for anyone to feel like at home wherever they are in the world, which ultimately means to enable anyone to be part of a community.

With that in mind, we’ve learned that we need to adapt our original concept in order to achieve our mission.

We are very excited about this focus shift on groups & communities, and we invision Nido becoming a new way that clubs & communities all around the world use to connect & communicate with each other.

If you want to host your group on Nido, make sure to apply to join our private beta

Onwards 💪🏻🍦


Stories from Nido — the social communication app for groups & communities

Carlos Costa

Written by

Founder at Nido, videographer, photographer & storyteller



Stories from Nido — the social communication app for groups & communities

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