Coming Home

There and back again.

Exciting news about our little girls immigration has transpired quickly over the past couple of days. What we thought would take weeks to complete only took a week! The great folks at the consulate in Manila seemed to work faster than anyone thought possible – which was a huge answer to prayer.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Yesterday we met up with four other families that are also here adopting. We met up at Shinjuku National Garden. A beautiful space in the middle of the city. It’s fun to have this connection with so many other families in Japan and back at home.

On Monday, we get to meet Kimiko’s birth mom. A meeting we have been told is a great opportunity, for pictures, to meet face to face and for closure. It will be great to have a picture of her birth mom for when she grows up.

On Tuesday we catch our flight back to Canada. It will be great to be back home and have some good settling time with our growing family.

See you in Canada!

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