I enjoy the practicality of a structured life; schedules, meetings, lectures, and appointments fill my days and give me a structure to follow. Without a doubt there are days where nothing gets done and the “man flu” comes about, but nonetheless I know when my day begins and when my day ends.

The exams are over. My second year at uni is complete… and while it is a relief not to have to slave over books all day long, it also means that my entire sense of time has flipped upside down and then imploded. I no longer have massive projects to complete and do not have to chase my degree (well, for now at least), the situation is a shock to the system and feels like I am floating in an endless void without a purpose…

It is funny how much you can actually do when you are not chasing your grades. Within the space of 20 minutes I planned five different trips and assembled plans for holiday jaunts without even having to get out of bed. Since the pressure was gone, I could actually focus on doing things without the constant guilt of not doign anything related to my degree.

I have made plans for projects and experiments to run before other work commences, I do not want to waste tje valuable freedom, but it is so overwhelming to get so much of it so quickly. I can play games, continue my research, and read my books! Over the last few months the number of podcasts, post drafts, and various ideas have accumulated and at last I am free to do what I please.

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