Nietzsche: How to Find Yourself

Lose Yourself Before You Can Find Yourself

Nietzsche’s Advice on How to Find Yourself: A Guide to True Education -by “Som Dutt” on Medium
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Nietzsche’s Concept Of Self-Education

Born in 1844, Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most celebrated and renowned philosophers of the past two hundred years. A student of classical philology, he was a thinker whose ideas extended far beyond the bounds of any one discipline.




This publication is aptly named, for it has all the essence of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. Nietzsche’s philosophy is difficult to summarize in a few sentences, but we are trying our best to bring you best of Nietzsche’s in simple meaning, summary and explaination.

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Som Dutt

Som Dutt

Top writer in Nietzsche and Existentialism. I simplify Nietzsche's complex works. Coffee Connect me — INSTAGRAM: @somdutt_freespirita

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