12 Best Sites To Follow About Office 365 Tutorial

Whether you’re already using Office 365 or still considering to migrate to Office 365, you’re probably researching on the internet looking for useful articles about Office 365, such as this one. There are thousands of resources about Office 365 tutorials out there, so how can you decide which sites are worth reading and which ones are just a waste of your time? In this article, we are going to highlight the top 12 Office 365 tutorial blogs in 2017. Happy reading!

1. microsoft office blogs

If you’re looking for the latest (and trustworthy) news about Office 365, this Microsoft Office 365’s official blog series is a must. Microsoft updates new information almost every day with a broad range of topic such as Office 365, SharePoint, Excel, and Outlook. You can check out their latest blog post about Office 365 is about “modern classroom collaboration with office 365 for education”.

2. microsoft virtual academy

This site provides hundreds of free courses which are designed for Developers, IT Pros, Data Pros, and Students. The topic is diverse, from Cloud Development to Visual Studio to Mobile Development, and more. If you’re at intermediate level and interested in the security and data management, “securing your data in microsoft azure sql database” will be a good course for you to start. This site is an excellent way to stay up to date on the latest Microsoft technologies which includes Office 365 tutorial. Can you guess the most exciting part? The new course is updated weekly!

3. office 365 updates youtube channel

Once you’ve subscribed to this channel, you will get a monthly newsletter on all Office 365 tutorial, latest news, and releases. They update each feature with a short 10-minute video. The channel is a good method to keep up with what’s happening with Office 365.

4. practical 365 | Office 365 Tutorial

Practical 365 is written by Paul Cunningham, a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services, who is based in Australia. This blog provides the IT pro community with Office 365 news, tips, and tutorials. All the posts are easy to understand, applicable to real world scenarios, and help users to get value from their Office 365 subscription.

5. microsoft trust center

This is one of the best resources out there to help you solve hard questions about Office 365 data security. The site also provides information about Microsoft’s privacy controls, compliance requirements, and data centers. You can quickly grab their insights and ideas to build strong arguments for yourself. Or you can persuade your customers who are already in or are going to move to the cloud if you’re in this business.

6. free office 365 demo

You should never skip this one if you want to create your own Office 365 demo tenants. It brings you a solution when you have to face with an empty tenant like no documents, no other users to share with your clients. The experience is really cool. The best part is, it’s a free tool! But you’ll need a Microsoft Partner Network ID to create it.

7. office 365 roadmap

Office 365 Roadmap is the source to find all the updates about a new plan for Office 365 subscribers. The roadmap includes four categories and the status for each: Launched (available), Rolling out (not yet available), In development (in development and testing) and Cancelled (no longer being worked on). They also list updates that are generally available for all customers.

8. sharegate’s sharepoint & office 365 blog

Sharegate’s blog is one of the leading resources for the Office 365 tutorial and SharePoint. They provide industry news, expert advices, and tips on how to make your work easier. Behind the blog is a Montreal-based software development firm named GSOFT. They simplify the lives of IT professionals worldwide by helping them manage, migrate, and secure their SharePoint & Office 365 environments.

9. collab365 community

Collab365 Community is a cloud community with over 12,000 SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 fans to chat, discuss and learn about Office 365, Azure and SharePoint. The content, such as blogs, videos, and discussions, are updated hourly by 350 expert bloggers. They also provide regular news about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure events from around the world.

10. why microsoft

This site compares Office 365 to other software by case studies, white papers, videos, and demos which present testimonials and compelling arguments. It explains why companies chose Office 365 over the competition. They also show you some independent reports from technology research to outline the benefits of moving to the cloud solution. You can get a lot of insights and knowledge by surfing around Why Microsoft site.

11. office365adoption

Office 365 Adoption provides resource and training portal all in one place. It’s the perfect resource for companies to use it to maximize the full potential of their Office 365 subscription. It helps you increase adoption, usage, and productivity through training and education. The site just launched its new platform with over 2,600 video training clips, quick start guides, robust reporting, and gamification. It offers FREE weekly live training sessions that put you face to face with a live MS certified instructor.

12. niftit blog

Of course, you cant forget us. NIFTIT is a development and design agency in New York, Vietnam & Hong Kong. We are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes and non-profit organizations through nifty solutions. Our team develops customized solutions according to the best business practices in the industry. In our weekly blog, we provides the latest news and useful technical blogs about SharePoint, Office 365 and Power BI. Don’t hesitate tosubscribe to our newsletter!

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