How Sharepoint Migration Can Be Your Business’s Secret Weapon

In the past few years, content creation and collaboration platforms’ popularity have risen significantly. Nowadays, the use of cloud solutions such as SharePoint and Office 365 play an important role within many enterprises as its capabilities have evolved and expanded. More organizations are considering to migrate after understanding the huge benefit they’ll reap when using these platforms. For first timers, have you ever wondered how Sharepoint migration can be your secret weapon?

1. Sharepoint migration means lower cost

SharePoint migration helps you not only to maintain and manage data in an efficient way but also to reduce the risk of short-term incident or even permanent loss of data. With this cloud-based solution, your data center is liberated regardless the customization of your IT infrastructure. It also benefits the organization by reducing the cost to keep the servers updated, maintaining them and scaling them up.

Another familiar hassle for an organization is signing up for various licenses at different times of the month. There are specific requirements from each departments that need to be fulfilled — managing these complex requirements becomes challenging and demands additional resources.

SharePoint migration benefits the organization by reducing maintenance and licensing costs.

2. Sharepoint migration means greater flexibility

Another advantage of SharePoint migration is that it improves performance for both access and collaboration. Any business user can pull data from numerous sources and create a spreadsheet in minutes. They can work together on one document rather than spending hours combining multiple versions of the document. They can also access the document themselves and implement corrections directly. Furthermore, SharePoint can be used both internally and externally, and members can easily access their info from any devices at any time. The ability to integrate and customize SharePoint makes it easy for companies to shape it to fit their organizational needs.

3. Sharepoint migration means better productivity

Whether you are SME, non-profit, or multi-national corporation, SharePoint migration can help you improve decision making, enhance productivity and quickly respond to your ever-changing business needs. It provides all the capabilities to help you increase productivity among your internal teams, customers and investors.

A case study: National Able Network, Inc. is a leading non-profit organization specializing in providing workforce development programming. They provide services to businesses in all the main sectors. They help job seekers of all ages, skills and income levels achieve economic self-sufficiency through gainful employment. NIFTIT developed a SharePoint hosted application for the National Able staff and teachers. The application allows them to create an event and register attendees and students. Administrators can pull full reports on the numbers of participants, attendance location, instructor. The application also allows details view via the custom calendar. Finally, because of the nature of the application, the solution is scalable and can be deployed across National Able multiple sites.

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