NIFTIT Jumpstart Package 1.2

Over the last few weeks, the NIFTIT team has been working relentlessly to update the Jumpstart Package, an all-in-one custom branding solution for SharePoint and Office 365 — learn more about NIFTIT Jumpstart Package 1.2 here.

The update corrected few bugs and edge cases that were reported to us. We also added extra features to the existing list of components from the initial package:

Announcements can now have category filters
Enhanced and updated social media feeds
Integrate a stronger UI for the document library that includes the search box and drag-and-drop zone
Enhance the search scope results page
Easier deployment steps
NIFTIT Jumpstart Package 1.2

One of the greatest achievements of the team was the push of the source code to a Content Delivery Network (CDN ). Externalizing a lot of the code makes the SharePoint platform lighter and faster — allowing us to be more responsive to the ongoing improvements by Microsoft for the Office 365 platform. This technology allows great redundancy and security over the views generated into SharePoint.

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