Coming Soon: Buy and Sell directly from your Ethereum wallet, in ETH, on Nifty Gateway!

You’ll save up to 75% on gas fees compared to other platforms

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3 min readDec 6, 2021


Nifty Gateway is proud to announce that starting January 2022 you will be able to directly buy and sell NFTs from linked wallets, with ETH, on our platform. Using existing Nifty Gateway infrastructure, this experience will allow users to spend significantly less (up to 75% less!) on gas fees than you would on other marketplaces.

The NG team has been working extensively on creating services that make the onboarding experience easier for anyone looking into becoming an NFT collector!

What exactly is gas, and why is it important to reduce this cost?

Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. It is important to reduce this cost because it lowers the barrier to entry for people attempting to get anything accomplished within the Ethereum ecosystem.

For example, let’s say that you’re trying to buy an NFT at a set price of .01 Ξ — you hit buy only to see that the transaction confirmation pops up and shows that you have to pay an extra X amount of Ξ as a transaction fee… the price could potentially become close to DOUBLE the amount you were expecting to pay. This unfortunately is the current state and experience of buying an NFT and it ultimately discourages people from being more active collectors.

One of our goals is to help remove the friction that prevents either new users from purchasing their first NFT or experienced users from adding that grail piece into their collection!

Check how much gas you’ll save!

We’ve built a gas fee calculator as well to show you an approximation of how much you would have saved if you had originally used Nifty Gateway to buy and sell your nifties. Paying for gas is a huge burden to not only new people joining in the space but for veterans of the space as a whole. Follow this link to use the calculator.

The wallet-to-wallet trading feature will launch in January 2022.

In conjunction with this new feature debuting in January, we will also be hosting a new event — WAGMI WINTER WHAM!

#WAGMIWW is a follow up to the highly successful Secondary Summer Slam event we held in August 2021 and will feature a ton of amazing collector rewards for people who participate. Click here to subscribe to our mailing list to learn more about the event before anyone else.

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