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Global Offers by Traits are now LIVE on Nifty Gateway!

The only NFT marketplace where you can send offers to users on piece specific traits

On Nifty Gateway you can now officially send out global offers for your favorite pieces with traits in our marketplace. This feature is exclusively available on Nifty and continues our streak of releasing features that transform our platform into the most accessible and advanced NFT marketplace. Nifties with traits bring a level of personalization that makes each piece in a collection unique — allowing owners to resonate with their pieces in new ways.

Now when making a global offer you are greeted with a series of options to craft the perfect offer based on the traits you select. While making these offers you have the option to use our various payment methods, users have the ability to make safe and efficient purchases.

Users can manage and view all of their global offers by using their account dashboard. There is no extra cost of adding or removing a global offer — users can make these important decisions without being concerned of having to spend more on these basic functions on Nifty Gateway. Once a user accepts a global offer, the piece will instantly be sent to their account. Sellers benefit by viewing all global offers via the dashboard and have the ability to accept whichever offer they want.

You can view all traits for each piece you are interested in by visiting the marketplace listings. Traits are all listed below the image of the Nifty and are clickable to see other Nifties that share the same trait. If you are interested in seeing the global offers that others have been making to certain pieces you can always check global history and make the best decision to secure that coveted Nifty!

Visit the marketplace today and get started using global offers today.

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