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Why I’m so excited for the SSX3LAU collection

We’re living through a period of incredible artistic innovation

The Array Collection from SSX3LAU launches tonight on Nifty Gateway at 7pm EST

One of my favorite things about NFTs is that they have enabled an entirely new group of people to live through their art.

I’m talking about digital graphic designers, 3D motion creators and digital illustrators. Prior to NFTs, the only way you could make money as a digital creator was to do commissions. You couldn’t sell your work in a gallery.

NFTs have changed that forever. And the impact has already been enormous. In fact, one artist on Nifty Gateway bought a house with the money he has made selling art!

But this is only the beginning.

A new subset of creators is unlocking the ability to monetize their talent and reach their audiences in a revolutionary new way. Welcome to the world of NFTs, DJs and musicians.

Why DJs and musicians?

One of main goals of art is to create an experience that illicits an emotional response in its audience.

Artists can work to document the ephemeral, to provoke dialogue, or to suggest new ways of thinking all while while creating this instantaneous shared experience.

Before NFTs, artists were bound by the constraints of the physical world. But NFTs gave them access to a new, digital toolkit (motion graphics & digital imagery).

I believe that ability to package music with visual art will end up being a powerful device in this toolkit that most artists will use to create incredible art.

After all, music is highly experiential. Movies, TV shows, Tik Toks & other forms of video content have long used music as a tool to express something that couldn’t be expressed without music.

Prior to NFTs, visual art didn’t have the same ability to utilize music in a compact, simple way. Now, thats changed.

Empowering artists to incorporate music into their art is like giving them a superpower.

I am not the first person to recognize this (in fact, SSX3LAU has previously released work on the NFT platform Blockparty), or to point out why it is so exciting.

But I have become increasingly convinced of how important music will be for art over the past few months after working with SpaceYacht, and more recently, SSX3LAU.


SSX3LAU is an artistic duo composed of a world famous DJ, Justin Blau, who goes by 3LAU, and the amazingly talented visual artist Mike Parisella, who goes by Slime Sunday.

Both of them are masters of their respective domain. 3LAU has 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and Slime Sunday has over 500,000 Instagram followers.

They both have unique superpowers. And they’ve both utilized them to the fullest extent to create SSX3LAU.

The art that this duo is creating isn’t just about the music, and it isn’t just about the visuals. It’s about both of them coming together to create an experience.

What they have created is some of the most experiential art I’ve ever seen on Nifty Gateway.

It is an incredible glimpse of the future, and that SSX3LAU will be remembered as one of the pioneers of the musical artist/visual art artistic duo.

They’re launching the Array collection, which consists of four stunning pieces — 21, DEEPER, Prism and The Block.

Go browse around and enjoy the pieces on Nifty Gateway — and make sure to have the sound turned up. They drop at 7pm EST tonight.

Don’t be late, or else you might miss your chance to get a piece of NFT history 🔥🔥🔥

Thanks to Griffin Cock Foster, Ashley Overbeek, Anthony Pompliano, Tommy Kimmelman, Gabby Dizon, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Andrew Steinwold for reading drafts of this blog post and giving feedback.



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