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Feeling Lucky, Punk?

If you play the WAX blockchain text-based RPG Nifty Wizards, then you know that it takes skill, and sometimes an NFT to gain access to new chambers. They say smoking is bad for you, but in this case it might become a benefit. If a player owns a Pipe NFT, then they are granted entrance to the Smokers Lounge. While in the lounge players talk about anything and everything. By doing this they mine DUST tokens and also have the chance to win rare weed seed NFT’s.

The Pipe is your key to the Smokers Lounge

Today, we are happy to announce an added bonus to being a member of the Lounge: The Nifty Wizards Smokers Lounge 60–30–10

What is the Smokers Lounge 60–30–10

A wallet has been established for the Lounge and for every message a user sends, a sprinkle of DUST is mined into it. At the end of every month all the DUST that has been accumulated in that wallet will be given back to three luck members of the room.

Here is how it will work

Each active member of Lounge will have their name placed on a virtual wheel along with four blank spaces.

The order of the names and blanks will then be randomized

The wheel will then be spun three times

The winner of the first spin will be given 60% of the DUST in the wallet

The winner of the second spin will be given 30% of the DUST in the wallet

The winner of the third spin will be given 10% of the DUST in the wallet

If any of the three spins lands on a blank, that amount of DUST will be rolled over into the next month’s pot.

That’s it — If your name comes up, you WIN!

Sample Wheel Setup

Join our lobby to learn all about the world of Nifty Wizards.



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