NFT Farming — The Castles of Nifty Wizards

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I’d give anything for a whiff of Old Toby… — Pip

What is NFT Farming?

NFT Farming (or Nifty Farming) is when you hold or stake some item, either and NFT or token, and you receive periodic rewards as NFTs or sometimes tokens.

There are many different kinds of NFT farming but we believe most of them are too complex so we made a simple version of it anybody can understand.

In our game Nifty Wizards, you buy a Castle, and the castle immediately starts producing the given item. For example Weed Castles produce Weed daily. This Weed NFTs go directly into your wallet.

You can move this Weed to the market to sell, trade it for other loot, burn it for extra power, and an extra growing list of functions as we expand lore in the game.

You heard that right (salesman voice) — our Farms put NFTs into your wallet for you to sell and do as you like. There aren’t any other NFT sets on the market that put you in control of the creation of NFTs and sales, and every bit you earn from sales is yours to keep.

It’s freedom, bro. 🇺🇸

realizing weed sales are yours

What is Nifty Wizards? 🧙🏻‍♂️

Nifty Wizards is a text based RPG built on Telegram that uses NFTs as the gameplay items. The NFTs in the chat can be used to attack others, farm, play games, and go on adventures. Our game has been described as “The Las Vegas of Dungeons and Dragons” because it is 24/7 action, baby.

We’ve explained what Nifty Wizards is in more detail here.

Castles (Farming in Nifty Wizards)

Castles are NFT properties in Nifty Wizards that double as farms. A distinguished Wizard undoubtedly has a Castle and unless he’s a lazy Wizard, his castle probably has a lively court of people, some of which (likely babies) do hard labor in the farms

Castle Types 🏰

Weed Castles — produce Weed

Grown men are buying Weed Castles and enjoying

Gold Castles — produce Gold tokens (an NFT that acts as a stable coin in the game)

this stupid fucking Gold Castle sticker makes gold go into your wallet

Silver Castles — produce Silver tokens (an NFT that acts as a stable coin in the game)

Castles (Normal) — produces game items randomly and should be a bit cheaper than the other more specific Castles.

Yep, just a normal Castle that farms random loot NFTs

Pet Castle — produce the games many Pets like Cats, Dogs, Ravens, Frogs, etc

Haunted Castle — produce scary shit like I don’t know we didn’t make it up yet.

Stay the fuck away from the Haunted Castle that farmsscary NFTs

Weed Castles 🌳🏰🌳

Because Weed Castles already exist in the game and are already producing that precious green shit, let’s begin there…

The Weed Economy

We’ve hired one of the most successful financial firms on Wizard St to draw a schematic about how the Weed economy works in Nifty Wizards. The markets are very dynamic and it’s likely to change…

As you can see, learning the ins and out of the Weed economy could feel overwhelming like gaining a Phd from Harvard.

Buy Weed Castles > Produce Weed > Sell trade of burn for xp > stack more babies 👶🏻 to do the work.

A tweet from one of our head Wizards explains it kinda ok:

Getting Started

So you want to slang Weed on the hard roads of The Shire. This isn’t investment advice, but here’s how a Wizard might do it.

  1. Buy / acquire a Castle

The best way to get a Weed Castle is to buy one from AtomicHub (or supported marketplace) or ask a player in the game to sell you one.

You can figure out who has Weed Castles but running the /haz function in Telegram like this: /haz weed castle

2. Sync your wallet in Telegram (or other supported chat platform)

/sync walletaddress

3. Join the chat group to see your yield

You can join the Nifty Wizards Lobby here:

Note: you will need a key 🔑 and a scroll 📜 to be able to admitted to the Castles room. You can get these pretty easily asking for them in the Lobby, they might ask you to share the game and prove you aren’t a scammer in some way.