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Nifty Wizards — Runic Magic Primer

Runes in Nifty Wizards

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

Greetings aspiring Magicians!

If you have stumbled upon this article than you are in the right place to become a Runic Magician. The power of ancient runes has been sought since the beginning of time for the extremely powerful energetic forces they bring. Academic scholars have tried to pinpoint the origins of these sacred stones but have long been misled on their timelines.


Universal entities have been hiding elemental shards and stones across the galaxy for trillions of eons and they have always been an essential piece of a Wizard’s tool-kit. Runes can enable users a significant advantage when combined in tandem with spells and enchantments, and are great for adding attributes to wands and weapons.

Earning Runes

There are a large variety of runes that will become available over time but ALL players must obtain their birth rune to begin. The ‘Birth Rune’ is a Non-Tradeable Token (NTT) to be issued by bot, and mandatory for all Runic Magicians to employ their runes. By doing so, this creates a community of committed Wizards who are not just looking to hoard runes found on secondary markets.

In order to reach The Runic Magician Room, you must first journey to the Quests Room. Once there, seek out the quest entitled “The Awakening”. Follow the instructions closely and if you succeed you will be awarded a Birth Rune.

The Awakening

Upon the launch of the Awakening quest, NiftyWizards will also release four (4) base runes on Atomic Assets. There will be an 🌬 Air rune, a 🌊 Water rune, a 🔥 Fire rune, and an 🌎 Earth rune.

MANY Wizarding quests will come after this initial launch and there will be MANY chances to put your powerful runes to the test. The more Runes a Wizard collects, the more powerful his spells and enchantments become. This will give users a great advantage when completing quests, dueling other wizards, or personalizing one’s attributes and statistics.

NiftyWizards will eventually release countless genres of Wizarding gaming pieces and NFTs alike and this is just one piece of that puzzle… but when used correctly; Rune Magic could potentially become useful in all aspects across the game.

Article and Rune Lore written by Skywalker




Nifty Wizards is a game you play in Telegram that is powered by NFTs and fun trading cards based on Wizards.

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