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Nifty Wizards Battle Royale #1

What: The second Nifty Wizard’s Battle Royale — Fists of Fury

When: Saturday June 26, 2021 | 9 AM PST (16:00 UTC)

Where: The Back Alley

Why: In desperate need of more silver and gold to further fund his textventure fetish, the Brewmaster concocts Shill Shot Saturdays and invites all the wizards of the realm to shill their wares while pounding shots of Dragon Piss Absinth!

To chase down the horrific taste of the shot, the Brewmaster is offering half-off on all his best brews including Dust Dice Double IPA, Lobby Ass Wizard Lager, and Weed Seed Miner Mojito. The onslaught of booze bestows an unfounded sense of pride and ego onto the inebriated wizards…

Over the clamor of the crowd a wizard is heard saying, “You’re just mad because your wife won’t let you buy a tabby cat.”

His friend shouts, “I don’t care! Cats suck! Dogs are way better!”

The Stoned Alchemist counters back, “Neither of them can fly in from the shadows like my raven! They are both inferior.”

An elderly wizard rises from his cushioned seat while hunching over and rubbing his rear end, “My green dragon eggs finally hatched, and my baby dragon would eat your little crow!”

The Rainbow Wizard retaliates, “Unicorns are the best! I don’t know what it does yet, but nothing can beat my pretty pony and I!”

The shouting match quickly turns to fists flying and the crowd spills out the doors into the back alley. The Brewmaster just shakes his head in disbelief while rolling up his sleeves to join the rumble. “Looks like a good ol’ fashion donnybrook boys!!!”


· Must own a Fist NFT and Heart NFT.

· Contestants must revive before entering The Bar.

· Last wizard standing wins.

· The room will be muted until the battle begins. An administrator will give a 60 second warning prior to the start of the Battle. The battle is to the death. No Revive.


1st Place: 50,000 DUST + 1 Unicorn + 1 Promo 420 Weed Pack ($1,060 market value)

2nd Place: 1 Green Dragon ($220 at market value)

3rd — 10th: 1 Green Dragon Egg Each ($70 market value)

11th — 20th: 1 Shroom ($12 market value)

Participation Prize: (1) Unique Participation NFT (priceless)

Lore written by @PapaTRTGA The Sneaky Wizard

Join the fun at:




Nifty Wizards is a game you play in Telegram that is powered by NFTs and fun trading cards based on Wizards.

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