Nifty Wizards — Quests and the Power of Scrolls

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4 min readJul 15, 2020


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu

a Quest awaits you

What is a Quest?

Quests are adventures that Nifty Wizards go on in order to gain experience, level up their wizard, and gain more loot (precious… loot).

(Read more about Nifty Wizard NFT based RPG here:

Quest include many tasks that players make up for fun. Sometimes they are humorous or teach you a valuable skill related to the game, NFTs, technology etc.

We would love to have you join us in Quest creation, that is part of our game.

You will learn a lot by doing Quests and you will meet and need to collaborate with other Wizards to do Quests. Some Quests will require Wizards to work together or even join a Wizard gang.

Quest Requirements

To be able to do a Quest, at a bare minimum, you will need these things:

  • A Key — Keys are required to unlock the game
  • A Scroll — Scrolls allow a wizard to do all Quests
  • Whatever else that particular Quest may require. See “Quest Required Items” below.

How To Get A Key

There are many ways to get a key, here are some options:

  • buy one from the market (niftywizards market)
  • ask another player for one in the telegram
  • trade some other NFTs for a Key
  • share tweets or things on social media about our game and get a key

How To Get a Scroll

Reading and understanding this article, then posting this article to social media (sharing a link to that post in Telegram). Another Wizard will eventually see it, and provide you with a Scroll.

You can also buy a Scroll from the market, and just let an admin know you want access to the Base Questers telegram chat.

Base Questers Chamber

To chat about your Quest, ask questions, and redeem your rewards, you will need to be added to the Base Questers Telegram chat group. Having a Scroll gives you entry. Just let an admin know that you have a Scroll and they will add you.

Quest Required Items

Each Quest requires different items in order to be eligible for a Quest (and the rewards for completion).

An example is a quest that requires you wizard to be drunk and requires a weapon. A quest like that would require your Wizard to have a Beer

and a Knife

These will be checked (in your wallet) when you complete a quest.

If you do not have these items you will not get the Quest reward.

Always be sure you read the Quest instructions carefully to be sure you have all the required items and that you will be doing the Quest correctly.

How To Start a Quest

If you have a Key, Scroll and the necessary items you don’t need permission to go on your quest. There are no commands or anything you must do to start your Quest. You are a free Wizard. You can start at any time and finish any time.

It’s important to ask questions about Quests in the Base Questers room, chances are somebody else has done it. The admins can also help.

Finding a Quest

In the Telegram chat, you can use a slash command “/quests” to see all the Quests.

Quest Completion and Rewards

Now that you’ve completed your Quest, here is what you do next:

Post the proof of the quest in the Base Questers telegram room and a Quest Master will send you the reward for that quest.

Powers of the Scroll

A Scroll give you the ability to do these things:

  • Ability to do Quests and redeem rewards for Quests
  • Access to Base Questers Chamber (telegram chat)

Scroll Tips

Although you are free to do whatever you want with your Scroll (it’s your property), here are some tips from other Wizards.

Don’t lose your scroll, if you lose it, you won’t be able to get rewards and you’ll be removed from the Base Questers room.

Gaining extra Scrolls allows you to sell them to other Wizards.

Scroll often require a Wizard to be high so stack Weed accordingly.