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Nifty Wizards is a WAX Blockchain NFT powered RPG (Role Playing Game) based on Telegram. Wizards can buy, sell, trade, and participate in a user centric economy.

Voting Duration — 60 days

Funding Goal — 800,000 WAX


We think NFT’s are neat. We love blockchain and we truly love WAX. We’re all creatives. We’re all pretty imaginative and ridiculous. We did an initial product test in the community by launching a very simple iteration of Nifty Wizards and people seemed to love it as much as we did.

Truthfully, we didn’t know if it was going to fly, but neither did the creators of Pokemon, or Pogz, or Dungeons and Dragons… We’re not saying we’re them. We’re just saying that the best stories are sometimes born from passion and a little imagination.

We’re combining old and popular role-playing games and social interactions with a unique WAX learning experience; a twist on proven models with new technology that truly allows players to be able to own their in-game assets.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about What Nifty Wizards actually is. Additionally we’ll explain our future roadmap and timelines we’ve laid out to keep pushing this game ahead.

What is Nifty Wizards?

Nifty Wizards is an RPG (Role Playing Game) that runs through the Telegram chat application and uses the WAX blockchain for its NFTs. The game has already started and it will never end. It starts in Telegram but it can expand into video games, physical games, anywhere really.

As a Wizard, you complete quests to earn new items (NFTs) and get access to new rooms within Telegram while casting spells and contributing to the growth of the game.

What started from grass roots has now grown into a hilarious cult. A collective of RPG and NFT enthusiasts, learning about WAX while enjoying their friends and meeting new ones.

Everyone can participate in creating the game. This suits us well as we run the game in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) fashion where members actually play key roles and earn rewards for getting involved via secondary market economies. We have various “chambers” where wizards make items and decide the direction of the game.

We’re attracting people within the community but also those who have yet to learn about the WAX ecosystem. Nifty WIzards is a safe and fun environment where people can network while earning rewards. In addition to this we’re finding new and innovative ways to expand the utility to NFTs.

So in summary, call it a virtual RPG running on telegram. A Telegram Choose-your-own-adventure where people become literal stakeholders in the system itself; Where anyone is welcomed into the WAX ecosystem with a key and a cold virtual beer (Literally). People are equally incentivized to participate and grow the game..


Our Chief Wizard Kurt Braget has brought countless apps to EOSIO ecosystem. He is a software and product developer with 15 years experience both in corporate and the startup world.

Kurt built a social ecosystem (Chirp) that we intend to embrace for our Wizardly Propaganda. He built a successful software business (Popstand, Inc) that has worked with dozens of the top crypto projects over the last 5 years. In addition to this, Kurt has also built dmail (Blockchain email), NiftyCap (WAX NFT live pricing) and a plethora of other blockchain and non-blockchain applications.

This team will not require any development or product help from WAX, something we see as a major benefit for our entry into WAX Labs.

Our DAO Model

Nifty Wizards is not fully decentralized but it is implementing functional DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through incremental decentralization.

Owners of specific items can gain access to specific groups (Chambers) and there they can vote on initiatives in the game. Ownership of the NFT is required to vote, therefore ownership gives a Wizard power to steer the fate of the game.

We have 6 functional voting chambers and have already voted in dozens of initiatives that were implemented. DAOs and DACs in traditional crypto are not friendly for every day gamers: this one is.

Current Nifty Wizard NFTs

Here is a line-up of the NFTs in our game that are already being traded and sold actively on the market.

  • 📜 Scroll (Base) — Scrolls allow you to participate in Quests
  • 🐦 Raven (Base) — Ravens can be burnt for Tweets on NW Twitter accounts.
  • 🎫 Ticket (Legend) — Golden tickets give you access to robots that help wizards
  • 🐈 Cat (Base) — Cats make wizards more powerful and less lonely.
  • ♒️ Birth (Base) — The birth Rune gives wizards fundamental Rune magic powers
  • 🟡 Gold (Base) — In game currency for trading for items. Backed by 5 WAX.
  • 🌳 Weed (Base) — Gives Wizards bonus powers for Quests
  • 🎟 Ticket (Base) — Gives Wizards basic access to the ‘/’ slash commands
  • 🔮 Crystal Ball (Base) — Give you read access to all master Chambers
  • 🍺 Beer (Base) — Beers get wizards drunk. Wizards need to be drunk to do several tasks.
  • 🟤 Wood (Base) — Wood is a coin that is usually backed by WAX and for buying things in the game
  • 🔑 Key (Base) — Keys allow you access to different Chambers
  • ⚕️ Staff (Base) — Staffs give administrative rights
  • 🔪 Knife (Base) — Knives are used on missions and future battles
  • ✨ Wand (Base) — Wands allow Wizards to cast spells on other players.
  • ⚪️ Silver (Base) — In game currency for trading for items. Backed by 1 WAX.

How Chambers Work

Chambers are rooms in Telegram and they can be thought of much like any other dungeon crawler, take Zelda for example.

Players can gain access to new Chambers by leveling up their Wizard. Some Chambers are for Wizards who have earned certain powers, like the power to create NFTs. Masters of Chambers can mint the NFTs and give them to players who earned them or sell them for profit on the markets. Masters also get to decide who else can mint NFTs and can either collude or compete with each other to control prices.

Chambers List (Telegram Rooms)

  • Lobby — Where wizards come to get initiated into the game
  • Key Holders — The first Chamber in the game, requires key. Requires Base Key 🔑
  • Base Questers — Where wizards receive and chat about Base Quests. Requires Key and Scroll 🔑 📜
  • Runes — Master who manages the runes in the game. Runes give wizards special powers.
  • Ruling Staff — Administrators who make high level game decisions. Ex: voting in new Chambers. Requires Staff ⚕️ and 🔑.
  • Key Masters — Wizards who manage and sell keys to Wizards.
  • Lore Masters — Lore Masters make up shit about that game and items that is fake but fun and interesting. Requires 🔑.
  • Ale Masters — Ale Master create and discuss beer. Requires initiation and 🔑 + 🍺.
  • Quest Masters — Where Quest Masters discuss Quest creation. They can sell scrolls. Requires initiation and 🔑 + 📜.
  • Forge Masters — Forge Masters can create NFTs for the other Chambers in the game. Requires very secure initiation. Requires all game items.
  • Rune Crafters — Where Rune Masters chat about Rune powers and creation. Requires initiation from Run Masters and 🔑.
  • Block Masters — Wizards who work on Blockchain technology for the game, example Block Production.
  • Runic Magicians — Where Wizards go to collect the finest and most powerful runes to enhance their Magical abilities ♒️
  • Masters of Propaganda — Where Propagandists build content and earn WAX or other game items for generating content. Requires initiation and 🔑.
  • Legend Ticket Holders — These are holders of the Legendary Golden Tickets that give access to bot features that help you in the game. Requires 🔑 🎫
  • Masters of Arms — Wizards who sell and manage weaponry. Requires 🔑 🔪
  • Bot Tester — Where game developers test and develop bot code. Requires initiation and 🔑 + 🎫.
  • Masters of Strategy — Masters of Strategy share secrets about game promotion. Requires 🔑


Quests are adventures that Nifty Wizards go on in order to gain experience, level up their wizard, and gain more loot.

Quest include many tasks that players make up for fun. Sometimes they are humorous or teach you a valuable skill related to the game, NFTs, technology etc.

Wizards learn a lot by doing Quests and they will meet and collaborate with other Wizards on Quests. Some Quests will require Wizards to join a Wizard gang.

Here are some example Quests:

Blade Flasher — Show your knife on Twitter, get a tasty reward.
Required Items: 🔑 📜 🔪

Predictio — Predict any token prices in advance following the document on twitter with movements of more than 10% and receive some shiny Gold and earn your first spell badge.
Required Items: 🔑 📜 ✨

Thirsty Forge — Sell beer to The Forge for 10 WAX each.
Required Items: 🔑 📜 🍺

The Awakening — Find the clues hidden on the ‘Runic Magic Primer’ medium article to become an initiated Runic Magician
Required Items: 🔑 📜

Mirror, Mirror — Gift an item to a new wizard, get reimbursed.
Required Items: 🔑 📜

Triggerio — Trigger an ETH NFT maximalist with facts about NFTs on EOSIO blockchain and find yourself enriched.
Required Items: 🔑 📜 🍺

Booze for Buds — Initiate a trade in AtomicHub of one WizWeiser Beer and be rewarded with two super dank buds of Wizard Weed.
Required Items: 🔑 📜 🍺

Items can be purchased on the market or can be acquired through completing quests.

Existing Technical Infrastructure

Code Bases

  • Spell Casting Bot — Helps players who have Wand NFTs cast spells against others Wizards
  • Nifty Wizard Bot — This bot helps players understand the game and navigate through telegram groups (chambers). Gives information about available quests and items.
  • Forge Bot — allows players to forge NFTs directly from Telegram via telegram slash commands
  • Nifty Wizards Web — A website that uses WAX Cloud Wallet to show Wizard items, Quests, and eventually Battles.
  • Nifty Assets — A node based code base for power selling, using, moving, and creating NFTs in the WAX ecosystem.

Market Size and Opportunity

People love fantasy games. The global role playing games market reached a value of nearly $15.7 Billion in 2019, having increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.84% since 2015, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.22% to nearly $22.4 Billion by 2023.


In a couple of months we have attracted hundreds of players to our active and growing telegram. Our user interaction and retweets on Twitter are larger than most of the alternative applications in the ecosystem. Our sales on AtomicHub have quickly grown to more than 20,000 WAX and we have attracted many dedicated collectors. We have a hard time keeping items in stock We have been profitable since day 1.

Some of the statistics at the time of writing this include


We’ve earned over 92K impressions on twitter in the last 28 days alone with over 350 retweets.

Rooms Total — ~30 Rooms (Chambers)

Players — ~300

Our Profit Model

For every Nifty Wizard NFT sale we receive ~10%+.

We mint and sell items directly for 100% profit.

The unique thing about Nifty Wizards is that we’re not the only ones profiting. As Wizards climb the ranks, interact with the ecosystem and perform certain tasks, we elect them to be able to make and mint their own items. Players in the game can mint NFTs themselves and sell for 90%+ profit. This is the first NFT set to give such a huge opportunity to players.

Acquisition Strategy

The ever growing WAX and EOSIO community are our first priority. Secondarily, gamers and mainstream collectors will be our focus.

We’ve performed successful airdrops on our Twitter and plan to ramp this up more aggressively.

In order to continue to attract new Wizards we have a pay it forward concept called “mirroring” where we will reimburse any item that a Wizard gives to a new player.

We have allowed the current Wizards the ability to forge items right from Telegram with the simple click of a button. This allows Wizards to interact with the WAX ecosystem while Netflixing on the couch, hitting their Wizard pipe as they binge Breaking Bad.

Future acquisition plans involve targeting Ethereum NFT enthusiasts by demonstrating the technological prowess of the WAX ecosystem over Ethereum. Nearly feeless and lightning-fast transactions without congestion make Ethereum users an easy acquisition target.

We will continue to implement referral systems. Part of the gameplay will continue to evolve around inviting new friends and being rewarded for that.

Bringing Value to the WAX Ecosystem

Every user in Nifty Wizards will require a WAX Cloud Wallet and will be exposed to the entire WAX ecosystem. We encourage players to participate in buying, selling and trading on all the WAX compatible services. Our game isn’t a black box inside one app, it spans many apps and encourages other WAX communities to get involved.

We have built many code bases integrating WAX Cloud Wallet into existing web frameworks that we’d love to share with the community.

Use of Funds

Marketing/Content: 15%
Design: 10%
Incentives for Players: 20%
Development: 55%


Phase 1 — More NFTs (looking to add around 30+)
Phase 2 — More robust bots (More complete spell casting)
Phase 3 — Battles (First Telegram Battles, then app facilitated Battles)
Phase 4 — Website (Has Wizard info and some base functions, WCW integration)
Phase 5 — Pocket Wizards (Mobile NFT explorer for Wizards)

Future Plans (Expanded)

Here is what we plan to accomplish if we’re lucky enough to receive the grant.

“Steaking” (Staking)

Wizards that buy and hold Steak 🥩 NFTs will earn other items simply by holding Steaks. This is a play on words for “staking” or “baking” that is so popular in crypto.

Wizard Farming

Moving forward, automation and incentivization is going to be key. So while we have some items that currently can be minted, we’ll add the addition of farms so users will be able to grow and sell their own “produce” on the wizard markets.

Wizard Battles and NFT Battles

We plan to develop “Wizard Battles”. Each Wizard will be able to fight each other using weapons, swords, and other Wizard loot. Whoever wins each battle will wins the loot. You can increase your chances of winning by purchasing those items or gaining them via quests

For this installation, we’ll introduce additional slash commands right from telegram making it simple to be able to battle other Wizards all facilitated by the WAX Wallet on the web.

Pocket Wizards App (NiftyFolio)

For the mobile inclined Wizards, we will build a mobile app for viewing your Wizard loot (NFTs). In future this app could include other NFTs in the ecosystem.


We believe we can make a solid contribution to the WAX ecosystem.

Nifty Wizards is a fun and imaginative game where adults can have fun while learning about the ecosystem, meet people, and participate in the economic incentives.

We believe this adventure will be one of the coolest things ever funded by the WAX Labs Proposal Ecosystem. With a little work, we think Nifty Wizards could be a household name. Please consider us for your votes. We need them!

Warm regards,
Your friends at Nifty Wizards✨

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