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Nifty Wizards — Wizard School Lesson One


Welcome to Nifty Wizards!

Nifty Wizards is a Role Playing Game that uses Telegram, Twitter and NFTs.

To start the game, you must join the Nifty Wizards lobby here:

You need a WAX Cloud Wallet to play the game:

Once you have your wallet send us the address so we can send you stuff!

Nifty Wizards Goals

  • earn, buy and sell your own NFTs (you currently make 95% of your sales)
  • complete quests, level up your wizard with items
  • meet and network with other Nifty Wizards
  • build alliances, undermine other Wizards 🧙🏼‍♂️
  • discover chambers
  • become a master of a chamber (to make nfts)
  • help build the game, lore… use your imagination

More to come!

NFTs — Gaming Items

“NFT” is just a fancy way to say an in-game asset.

For example, key, scroll, staff, knife, coin…

The NFTs in Nifty Wizard can be bought, sold, traded, and they give you powers and special perks in the game and the real world.

True ownership, baby!

Here are some items the game has already.

📜 Scroll (Base) — Scrolls allow you to participate in dope Quests

🎫 Ticket (Legend) — Golden tickets give you access to robots that help wizards

💰 Gold (Base) — In game currency for trading for items

🌳 Weed (Base) — Gives Wizards bonus powers for Quests

🔮 Crystal Ball (Base) — Give you access to all master Chambers

🍺 Beer (Base) — Beers get wizards drunk. Wizards need to be drunk to do several things.

🔑 Key (Base) — Keys allow you access to different Chambers

⚕️ Staff (Base) — Staffs give administrative rights

🔪 Knife (Base) — Knives are used on missions and future battles


You will need a Scroll 📜 in order to participate in Quests.

Once you have Scroll you gain access to the Base Quests Chamber and you can do any of the Base Quests.

There will be *many* Base Quests.

Each Quest completed will gain more items, and make you a more powerful wizard.


The Lobby is the first chamber.

Your purpose in the Lobby is to ask questions and obtain a Key 🔑.

Don’t be shy!

Once you obtain a key you officially start the game and gain access to the “Key Holders” room.

(Tweeting or Retweeting content helps!)

Here are some of the Chambers already built in the game (in Telegram).

Slash Commands

Type the forward slash ‘/’ (in telegram text input in the Lobby) to reveal commands, these will help you on your journey.

Example of some Slash Commands

More Mind Altering Propaganda


Nifty Wizards Twitter:

Where to buy niftywizards items:


We reserve to the right to remove any players at any time for any reason.

The market is always open to trade and sell items in Nifty Wizards, but the game IS NOT.

Play nice!




Nifty Wizards is a game you play in Telegram that is powered by NFTs and fun trading cards based on Wizards.

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