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The NFT’s of Nifty Wizards

Nifty Wizards is a text-base role playing game (RPG) that utilizes the Telegram messaging application as it’s platform. By holding certain NFT’s in their WAX wallet players can navigate to new rooms as they advance through the game. There are also many quests to complete — many of which award a free NFT. Below you will find a complete list of all NFT’s created by the game along with their utility (if any), number minted, number burned, etc. All NFT’s are issued on the WAX Blockchain. You can get your hands on these hot NFT’s here.

To view as a Google Sheet, please click here.

To start your journey as a wizard, please join us here:

Concept and utility text contributions by the wizard @Necroclown

Assembled by Subterranean




Nifty Wizards is a game you play in Telegram that is powered by NFTs and fun trading cards based on Wizards.

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