Nifty Football Launch

On the 8th of May we will start selling blind packs of Nifty Football trading cards at 9am EST / 2pm UK time 🙌

We have building the product for several months and are super excited to get these awesome digital assets into people’s wallet and collections.

Blind Packs

On day one we will be selling two types of blind packs regular and elite. Blind packs will generate trading cards based on pre-set values and calculated percentages.

For example, a regular pack on day one will have 4 nationalities (England, USA, Italy, and Argentina) where as an elite pack will have the possibility of two more nationalities (Russia and Brazil). Elite packs will also have access to a few more colours and a kits.

See the full statistical breakdown of the blind pack percentages can always be found on our About page. All core attributes are stored on-chain and make up your non-fungible token:

Genesis Cards

The first 1000 cards will be treated as genesis (or first edition) cards and the design including card colour will reflect this scarcity.

Early Adopters

We have been blown away by the reception to this new collectable and we want to reward early adopters. Both blind packs will have an inflated attribute base (the minimum values for the key attributes) for the first week of sales (approx). Regular packs have a base of 45, whereas, Elite have a base of 55.

Some kits, colours, and ethnicities will be retired over the coming weeks and will only be available in the genesis edition of trading cards.

The creation parameters of kits, colours, attributes, and traits can and will be changed over time BUT once your card is minted it’s core data will not be changed unless you consent to change via upgrades and games. #immutable


In the modern game boots come in all colours under the rainbow. Our standard boots is black. During the genesis edition we are going give free upgrades of boots for every multiple of 50. Keep your eye out for some neon specials on cards 50, 100, 150, 200, etc. Card 500 and 1000 will naturally get a pair of golden boots! 🎖

Player Aesthetics

Each card has a semi-realistic aesthetic based on nationality. We have gone deep on this defining individual details like hair colour, stubble, moustache, eye-colour, skin-tone, and beard colour to name a few. The card’s player name is also decided based on nationality.

Token IDs

Nifty football cards start at #1. Pre-launch we will pre-mint 11 cards including some for use in future competitions and giveaways. Therefore, at 9am EST #12 will be the first card minted.

We anticipate low token IDs will be desirable as the Nifty Football universe grows.

More Nationalities, More Kits, More Colours…

Coming soon. We plan to periodically add more nations and kits. Let us know on our Telegram what you think we should release next.

⏰Set your alarm clock for 9am EST. 8th May. #niftyfootball

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