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A Glitch in The Matrix

“A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.” - Trinity, The Matrix

Last week, Nifty’s launched the most ambitious NFT avatar program ever: Matrix Avatars. Though we knew fandom for The Matrix franchise ran deep, we had no idea how large the demand would be for these NFTs and thus, our site got a little — pun intended– glitchy. Though we are proud to say we minted all 100,000 NFTs, we know the process caused some frustration and disappointment for our community, and for that we sincerely apologize. With that in mind, we’ve decided to make some adjustments to the Matrix Avatars program that we believe will improve the experience for everyone moving forward.

Free Glitch in the Matrix NFTs

First, as a token of our appreciation, Nifty’s — in partnership with Warner Bros. has decided to gift all users with a free “Glitch in the Matrix” NFT. These NFTs will be distributed to everyone with a Nifty’s account as of Wednesday, December 8th and will appear in your wallet next week. There’s no action you need to take to receive one. The NFT will be an ERC-1155 token that you’ll be able to buy or sell on the Nifty’s marketplace. Think of it as a little holiday present from the Nifty’s team to you, a present you might want to think twice about before regifting.

Updated Mission Schedule

Additionally, we’ve decided to delay the launch date of the next phase of the Matrix NFT Avatar program, the Red Pill / Blue Pill Mission, from December 16th, 2021 until January 5th, 2022. We’ve pushed it back to ensure our site is ready to provide all fans with a positive experience.

Red Pill / Blue Pill Launch Details

When the Red Pill / Blue Pill mission launches at the start of the new year, collectors will have a choice to make for each of their avatars: take the Blue Pill and remain in the Matrix with minor adjustments to your avatar — or take the Red Pill to transform your avatar and venture down the rabbit hole. With the Red Pill, aside from the avatar’s face, body, skin tone and in some cases, hair, every attribute, including all clothing and accessories, will transform. Additionally, the rarity of a base avatar’s attributes prior to taking the Red Pill do not have any correlation with the rarity of the attributes they will have after taking it. So if you’ve got a base avatar you really like, you might think twice before taking the Red Pill and completely transforming it. Maybe the Blue Pill, which locks your avatar’s attributes in, is for you.

There is no time limit on the Red Pill / Blue Pill mission, meaning you also have the choice to keep your avatar in its base avatar state for as long as you would like, until you are ready to make the choice. Once an avatar has taken a pill, it will not be allowed to return to the base avatar state again, even if sold or transferred to a new collector.

Leaderboards and New Missions

Later this winter, we will introduce the Red and Blue Pill leaderboards for players to track their progress against one another. We’ll begin to offer ‘missions’ for Red and Blue-Pilled avatar holders to complete. Completing a mission will earn avatar holders special ‘Skill Program’ NFTs that can be used to upgrade an avatar and move up the respective leaderboards. Collectors will have a chance to earn rewards, including ultra-rare NFTs, by climbing up the leaderboards. Please note that base avatars will not be allowed to complete additional missions until they complete the Red Pill / Blue Pill mission.

Follow Nifty’s on Discord for more updates and to be a part of the conversation. We’re excited for this next phase in the Matrix Avatar NFT program, and we hope you are, too.



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