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Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Space Jam with Monstar NFTs

You ever heard of the dream team? Well, they’re the Mean Team.

Let’s journey back to November 15, 1996: Thanksgiving break is around the corner, both “No Diggity” by Blackstreet “The Macarena” are top of the charts, And Space Jam just hit theatres. Life is good.

In the quarter century since its release, Space Jam has cemented its status as an iconic classic. It’s a movie that still stands up today, because it truly had something for everyone: beloved Looney Tunes characters, Michael Jordan’s silver screen debut and the Nerdlucks — a plucky team from Moron Mountain who, thanks to a magic basketball and the talents of the NBA’s top players, transformed into the formidable Monstars. In celebration of Space Jam’s 25th anniversary, we’re bringing back the iconic film’s original villains in the form of 5 limited-edition NFTs.

To earn your Monstar NFTs, all you need is a killer starting lineup. Collect at least 5 Tune and/or Goon Squad Player NFTs from our Space Jam: A New Legacy drops in your Nifty’s wallet by January 14th and you’ll be ready to Jam. From there, Nifty’s will take a snapshot of our user ecosystem and all those who qualify will be airdropped a randomly generated Monstar player NFTs on January 21, 2022. Remember, 5 Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs earns you 1 Monstar NFT, and there’s no limit to how many Monstar NFTs you can collect!

Nifty’s members have until January 14th to earn Monstar player NFTs, but why wait? Fill out your roster now and collect additional Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs by visiting the Nifty’s Secondary Marketplace. #SpaceJam25th



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