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Community Led Updates: Nifty’s Platform Improvements

Nifty’s launched in the summer of 2021 with one goal in mind: to build a platform that gives fan communities creative new ways to connect with brands and creators while having fun and getting rewarded in the process. We knew when we launched that changes would need to be made to best serve those communities and we are excited for the latest platform updates to hit our website as we believe they get us closer to that goal.

“Nifty’s is a platform for passion-based web3 communities. These updates are part of our continuing effort and commitment to improving communication and collaboration between community creators and participants.” — Dorian Collier, Nifty’s SVP Product

With a community-first mindset, and with great feedback from the community directly, we knew we wanted to build upon the fan bases we’ve brought into Nifty’s and make sure collectors could find what they want and move more easily between all of our exciting projects. With so many changes, we want to make sure you don’t miss a single improvement!

Improved Site Navigation

Community-first navigation gets you to the places you want to be

As more fan communities join Nifty’s, our navigation bar needs to be able to grow with them. The original navigation was not able to scale as more communities joined the Nifty’s platform. The new design saves space, and packages up the existing communities in one place. Our navigation bar will remain consistent at the top of every page and make it easy to switch between communities.

Redeeming and burning XP through artifact NFTs will become a major facet of many of our projects. We wanted to make sure users see it front and center when they’re logged in. Now, users can see their XP allocation at all times while the community is selected.

Community Homepages

Get all the information you need on each project in one easy view

Every fan community needs a home base and now all the information you need to know about our most-anticipated projects is all in one place. Each community has their own homepage that will act as an informational hub for the project and feature a host of new components to give users context on the projects.

When you arrive on each community page, you’ll see key information pertaining to the program–with different sections being added as each community grows.

  • Community Navigation
  • About the Community
  • Benefits
  • Program Roadmaps
  • Announcements (Coming Soon)

Community announcements will be coming soon and is a new feature that’s available to program creators on Nifty’s, giving them the opportunity to directly interact with their communities. Program creators have the ability to share important announcements with the community and, of course, we want you to show us what you’re thinking by reacting to announcements with your favorite emoji. The announcements feature will begin showing up later this summer.

User Profiles and Member’s Page

Browse your collection and update your settings all in one place

Navigating your user settings, collections, and announcements for projects you’re following is all in one place! The user profile is a catch-all for all communities and is now where user settings live.

User profiles consist of three tabs: Collected, Announcements and Settings. When a user has offers, an additional tab will appear titled “View Offers.” The Collected tab holds all NFTs a user holds regardless of community. Announcements are an aggregate of all communities the user is a part of. Settings is where the user can update preferences and profile. The model where they update their profile has not changed.

Users with membership NFTs (Ex. Matrix Avatar, Tweety Birds, Shark Cards) will have a Member’s Page, where users can see gated content and activities. Users that do not have membership NFTs will not have access to the whole Member’s Page.

Depending on the communities you are a part of, users will see different gamified features based on the program. For example, Matrix has leaderboards, and Looney Tunes does not.

Next Up: Community Marketplace Improvements & More

During this release, we’ve pushed updates that will improve the sorting and filtering of NFTs in the secondary marketplace. But in our upcoming releases we’re going to optimize the marketplace experience even further as well as a few other network updates that we know the community will be excited about. Look for our next platform update blog post in the next few weeks.

As we hope you all feel from these updates, we’re committed to building a platform that centers around our community. Have feedback? We want to hear it!

Help us bring the Nifty’s community to the next level. Follow Nifty’s on Twitter, Discord & Instagram to stay up to date on future releases and let us know how we can improve the NFT collector experience.



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