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Game Of Thrones: Build Your Realm: Active Check-In Begins February 2

You’ve entered the North, and now it’s time to build your realm. In order to do that, you’ll need to get resourceful. We’ve gathered the information you need to know about checking in to earn Resource Cards on Nifty’s beginning on February 2.

What are Resource Cards?

Resource Cards come in three types: metal, food, and textile. Their utility is simple: collect them and trade in (ie burn) different combinations of resources once The Forge opens to redeem equipable items for your avatar, including weapons, clothing, companions, and more. You’ll be able to forge these items to either collect or equip them onto your avatar (customization feature coming soon). So if your avatar is weaponless or you desire a specific companion like a three-eyed raven, you’ll have the opportunity to add them to your avatar based on the items you forge and collect.

How do I collect Resource Cards?

Simple: Check in daily on Nifty’s website to earn Resource Cards. You’ll need to hold an avatar to check in, and each day you’ll earn 1 metal, 1 food, and 1 textile per avatar you own.

Pro tip: Earn a streak! Check in daily for 7 days consecutively and each avatar you own will earn a set of Hero Resource Cards on the 7th day: 1 Valyrian Steel and 1 Dragonglass. Every 7th day you check in will earn you another set of Hero Resource Cards.

Resource Cards are also available for purchase on the Nifty’s secondary marketplace, as each Hero Box sold in the Series 1 release contained a set of three Resource Cards.

What can I do with all these Resource Cards?

In The Forge, you’ll be able to burn your collected Resource Cards in different combinations to redeem Equipable Cards that can be used to collect or customize your avatars. Alternatively, you can also trade Resource Cards on the secondary marketplace with other collectors.

Details and timing on The Forge and Hero Avatar customization coming soon.


Start collecting your resources on February 2, exclusively on In the meantime, all episodes of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon are available to stream on HBO Max.


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