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Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?

Season 1: I Tawt I Taw a Biosphere

Marvin the Martian has been up to something! He activated his Illudium PU-2 Replicator and completed his duplication of the Looney Tunes to study these chaotic beings in their natural habitats. Season 1 of Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? will include a five-episode run of activities, perks, and rewards as you join Tweety and his friends to solve the mystery of Marvin’s master plan! Tweety’s adventures in the Biosphere are kicking off this unique story-driven NFT program. Before you discover all the antics Tweety will face in this first episode, learn about the art that influenced the avatar collection, and then get your calendar’s ready because we’ll have some key dates you won’t want to miss.

Looney Tunes enter the blockchain

The adventure is underway with our first episode in Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? As you learn more about the Biosphere, and the Looney Tunes trapped inside, you’ll see the touches of classic Looney Tunes art and antics that have made their way onto the blockchain. That’s not the only place you’ll see this influence! Each Tweety avatar was designed with an eye for melding the incredible style and flair from the first few decades of the Looney Tunes with modern references to pop culture and the current NFT landscape.

Tweety might be the tiniest canary on the blockchain, but he’s full of big personality! As part of this generative avatar collection, we wanted to capture the fun and whimsy of this classic character. Our design team reviewed hours upon hours of Looney Tunes episodes to pull in some of Tweety’s iconic expressions, props, and scenes. But that’s not all folks! Notice a tiger-inspired Tweety? That’s not just Tweety’s striped get-up, but a reference to Warner Bros.’ Cool Cat cartoon. The Cool Cat Tweety is just one of seven special Looney Editions in our collection. Tweety also loves to accessorize: you may find Tweety donning 3D glasses, a halo, a gold chain, puffer jackets, and more! Discover all the ways Tweety’s unique style expresses itself when you buy and reveal your own avatar, or browse the collection on the secondary marketplace and purchase those that fit your own personality.

“I tawt I taw a biosphere”

Now that you’ve gotten to know the Tweety art of our avatar collection, it’s time to explore the mysterious simulation where the Looney Tunes are trapped. In this first episode, Tweety starts in the delightful Canary Meadow. But he discovers that there’s a (very) high-domed ceiling above the environment and that this idyllic park isn’t really a park at all! Tweety then swoops down to find a functional computer and a broken printer (that is smoking and sparking). He uses the computer and discovers that a bunch of other Looney Tunes have gone missing! That info comes from Marvin’s supercomputer AI, which downloads a map file that Tweety will have to print! But how to fix it?! Tweety will need to take the nearby ACME Repair Kit and continue exploring to find other tools and parts.


  • Collect Tweety avatars and help Tweety repair the printer.
  • All avatar holders will be air-dropped an ACME Repair Kit artifact NFT for each Tweety they own.

Key Episode Dates:

Join the Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? fan community by July 28. At that time, we will take a snapshot of all Tweety avatar holders and airdrop Episode 1’s artifact before Tweety embarks on his journey to repair the printer.

  • July 28: Tweety Artifact Snapshot
  • Week of August 1st : Episode One Airdrop: ACME Repair Kit

The fun doesn’t stop here: Marvin’s computer has taken over the LooneyTunesNFT Twitter, follow the account to get clues and insights into each episode. Then, join the discussion with Nifty’s on Twitter, and stay in the know by joining our Discord!



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