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Nifty’s and Shark Week: Ready to Get Your Heart Pumping?

You’re going to need a bigger boat to navigate the latest NFT program at Nifty’s! One of the biggest pop culture touchstones is converging on the blockchain to bring together NFT collectors and ocean conservation in an unexpected way. Nifty’s is partnering with Discovery ahead of the summer’s most anticipated week of TV, Shark Week. What debuted in 1988 is now TV’s longest-running programming event. In 2021, over 21 million viewers tuned into Shark Week over a weeklong period, and this year, we’re ushering this audience into Web3 by creating a Shark Week NFT Program.

This two-part program, created exclusively for shark lovers, will feature some of the ocean’s most-loved shark species in a fun, trading-card style. We’re making shark digital collectibles more accessible than ever with opportunities for fans to purchase NFTs, claim free NFTs just for watching, and become eligible for exclusive Shark Week NFT merchandise and rewards by participating in the program.

Ready to get your heart pumping?

Get out your scuba gear and get ready to swim with (digital) sharks beginning on July 20. The two-part Shark Week NFT program will launch ahead of Shark Week with five premium Shark Card NFTs available for purchase exclusively on the Nifty’s platform until July 31.

If you miss the nostalgia of collecting trading cards, then you‘ll love this new take on the old classic. The five premium Shark Card NFTs will have a trading card look that is enhanced with liquified animation, movement, and a holofoil design, bringing the sharks to life via NFTs like never before. The premium Shark Cards feature five different shark species: the Great White shark, everyone’s favorite super predator, the unmistakable Hammerhead shark, the Goblin shark, the Whale Shark, the gentle giant and ocean’s biggest fish and the Frilled Shark who has been around since the dinosaurs. The five Shark Card NFTs for sale will be randomly distributed, meaning users will not know which card they will be receiving at the time of mint.

The five premium Shark Card NFTs

When Shark Week officially kicks off on Discovery on July 24, all viewers will have a chance to claim a free Shark Card NFT for every day they tune into Shark Week programming, totaling seven claimable NFTs. When Bob the Shark reveals the QR code on your TV, scan it and follow the instructions to add that day’s Shark Card NFT to your collection. The seven free claimable Shark Card NFTs will feature other shark fan favorites like the Mako, Tiger, and Bull shark. These free claimable NFTs will each only be available for 24 hours.

The seven claimable Shark Card NFTs

Once the program ends, fans who have collected all 12 Shark Week NFTs (the five premium Shark Card NFTs and the seven free claimable Shark Card NFTs) will be eligible for Shark Week merchandise and other rewards.

How do you participate?

Shark Card NFT holders are encouraged to participate in two activities:

  1. Mark your calendar and be ready for the sale on July 20! Collect one of every Shark Card NFT on in the collection from the primary sale or off the secondary marketplace.
  2. Tune in to Shark Week on Discovery every night from July 24–30. When Bob the Shark reveals the QR code on your TV, scan it for a free Shark Card NFT to add to your collection.

On August 15th, Nifty’s will take a snapshot of wallets holding Shark Week NFTs and users who collect and hold all 12 cards (five premium Shark Card NFTs+ seven claimable Shark Card NFTs) will be eligible to redeem exclusive Shark Week NFT merchandise.

What else do you need to know?

  • The five premium Shark Card NFTs will be available for purchase for $10 each.
  • NFTs in the Shark Week program will be minted on the eco-friendly Palm Network which features low gas costs, fast transaction finality and is over 99.9% more energy efficient than Proof of Work systems.
  • Shark Week has led to a global fascination with sharks and an awareness for the continued protection of these marine predators. In that spirit, Warner Bros. Discovery will donate five thousand dollars to Beneath the Waves.

Can’t get enough of Shark Week? Jump into our community on Discord to chat with us and other Shark Week fans from around the world.



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