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Nifty’s Launches Common Canvas

Tomorrow, Nifty’s launches Common Canvas: a collaborative, digital art project built around a common theme. Each Common Canvas drop is led by an artist who selects a handful of collaborators to each create a distinct NFT for the collection. The result? A new kind of art show built for NFT collectors and fans.

The theme for our first Common Canvas collection? Skateboards. The collection is curated by Kevin “Spanky’’ Long, a professional skateboarder and visual artist from Los Angeles, CA. Although Spanky has been a professional skateboarder for over 18 years, he considers himself an artist first and foremost — now blending his twin passions as Art Director of Baker Skateboards.

His work includes illustrations, watercolors, skateboard graphics, digital photo manipulations, Etch-A-Sketch work, and low-fi stop motion animation. Exhibited worldwide, the art creates a surrealistic visual dimension by playfully combining any variation of these mediums.

With this Common Canvas drop, Spanky officially marks his first foray into the NFT world.

“Being in the skateboarding industry absolutely facilitated a path in art. NFTs are this intersection between art and technology, and that’s super interesting to me,” said Spanky in an interview with Nifty’s.

“I’m super excited to create and curate this collection for Nifty’s. It’s a dream to get all of these artists in one collection and see their work elevated and taken to the next level in this medium. Thanks to Nifty’s we’re in a space that’s better for the environment, easy to engage with, and easy to collect these NFTs.”

Joining Spanky for this collection are Atiba Jefferson, Alex Olson, Nate Kostechko, Mike Gigliotti, Nora Vasconcellos and Akwasí Owusu. All seven artists have created their own skateboard NFT exclusively for Nifty’s; issued in a limited edition of 100, each NFT comes with a matching physical skateboard deck.

“I think a lot of these artists were willing to do this project and super excited about it, ’cause they’re all skateboarders and in the skateboarding industry,” said Spanky “They’re used to being creatively audacious.”

1-of-1 Hand Painted Spanky Deck

Additionally, an eighth unique design — a 1 of 1 skateboard NFT designed by Spanky, will be minted and available for auction starting tomorrow, September 21st, at 1PM PST / 4PM EST exclusively on Nifty’ The winner will receive a physical skateboard deck in the same design hand-painted by Long himself.

Explore the whole Common Canvas collection on Nifty’s.



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