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Nifty’s Turns 2.0

We started Nifty’s almost two years ago with the mission to bring NFTs into the mainstream. Since then we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment, always seeking to push the envelope of Web3 innovation while making the tech accessible to mainstream audiences. I call that approach “easy the hard way,” because making a next gen technology intuitive without sacrificing what makes it transformative is really tough. Yet that “easy the hard way” approach has allowed Nifty’s to introduce a series of custom-built innovations, including multichain packs, active check-ins, burn & replace recipes, on-chain loyalty points, QR code redemptions, mint triggers and more. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and we’re going to deliver a lot more en route to the full realization of our mission.

We’ve learned a ton in these last two years, but what has stood out most is that Web3 lacks easy tools for creating interactivity and utility at scale. Most forms of utility for NFT projects today are simply not scalable or sustainable — they depend on bespoke development, frequent injections of capital or never-ending hype, and often all of the above. It can be an inefficient and frustrating cycle that constrains creators’ ability to deliver exciting content (an experience Nifty’s knows all too well). Ever since we launched the Matrix program, we’ve wanted to change that dynamic by building a platform that democratizes interactivity. But while we worked to evolve our product in that direction, we also launched a number of ambitious NFT programs on the platform that were very resource intensive.

With that in mind, we recently shifted all our resources toward achieving our primary mission, namely, to build a platform that empowers anyone to create interactive experiences for any NFT project. We already have many of the fundamental pieces in place, and we’re now doubling down on building, with an anticipated launch of the next version of our platform this spring. When it launches, it will be used to power new experiences for existing NFT programs on Nifty’s, and it will be available for any creator to launch interactive experiences for any NFT project on supported blockchains. We believe what we have planned will be an important step toward achieving utility-at-scale for the NFT ecosystem as a whole.

Exciting new programming for Game of Thrones will launch in March as planned, and we will be sharing a demo soon. It will showcase the kind of interactivity the new platform will make possible for any NFT project. While we build the new version of the platform, new product development for the Matrix, Looney Tunes, and Bullet Train NFT programs will be paused temporarily. We know many of you are eager for new content for these programs, and we thank you for being patient with us as we build a more powerful, more open platform.

Over the last two years Nifty’s has built a set of capabilities uncommon in the NFT space. Our new platform will make those capabilities super easy for creators to deploy and for mainstream and native Web3 users to interact with. We’re excited to show you more as soon as we can, and more importantly, for you to use our new product when it’s ready. Utility at scale will only be achievable when the power to deliver it is as accessible and democratized as possible. That means putting the power to create interactive experiences in your hands. That’s what we aim to do with the next version of our platform.

Thanks, as always, for your support.



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