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Nifty’s — Unlocking the NFT Revolution

There’s a Cambrian explosion of creativity happening on the Internet. NFTs are revolutionizing the way people create and collect digital art and culture, and everybody seems to be talking about them. Less than a year ago NFTs were an obscure technology, now rainbow-poptart-cats are in the New York Times. But for all the attention NFTs receive in the media, the number of people who’ve actually experienced them is still quite small. As fascinating as the NFT revolution can be, it’s still a fairly intimidating experience for most people, and it still offers very few ways to participate beyond buying, selling and speculating on value.

Most brands and creators are waiting on the sidelines too. They’ve seen the success of NBA Top Shot and the announcements of record-breaking auctions of digital art and set up working groups to better understand the space, but few have taken the plunge. That’s because smart brands and creators care more about engaging their fans over the long run than they care about short term revenue. They know sustainable success flows from building and engaging communities. In other words, inaccessibility and lack of engagement are significant barriers for brands and creators too.

That’s why we created Nifty’s, which launches today.

Nifty’s is a new kind of NFT platform, focused on making this cutting-edge medium fun and accessible for everyone. We believe collecting and creating are fundamentally social experiences, so we’re making NFTs more social, and we’re making it easier to get involved and find art and collectibles you’ll love. One feature that embodies this ethos is the Nifty’s NFT playlist. On Nifty’s, anyone can create a playlist of NFTs based on any theme that interests them and then share that playlist on or off platform to help others join the fun. It’s an easy and intuitive way to begin opening up the extraordinary creativity in this space to a broader audience.

But perhaps the best example of this vision is our partnership with Warner Bros to introduce digital collectibles for Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James. Starting today, anyone who signs up for Nifty’s will earn their first Space Jam NFT free just by visiting the Space Jam page on Nifty’s, and get their second NFT free for sharing that page on social media, while supply lasts. If they’re lucky, they might even get a rare one. And the entire process, including signing up, creating a wallet and claiming an NFT, can take as little as one minute. In other words, on Nifty’s, engagement is rewarded, and you can enjoy NFTs without spending a dollar (or learning a computer language).

Of course, today is just the beginning for Nifty’s, and there’s a lot more we have planned for the coming weeks and months. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this revolution and, more importantly, to make sure everyone else can be too.

Jeff Marsilio — Co-Founder & CEO — Nifty’s



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