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Prepare to Join the Assassins’ Guild

You’ve been recruited. We noticed you have a unique set of skills and it’s time to put them to the test in End of the Line: A Bullet Train NFT Experience. Once you join the Assassins’ Guild at Nifty’s, you’ll use those skills to level up your standing within the community from Recruit to Supreme Assassin through this high-speed NFT adventure. The recruiting period begins September 29, when you’ll have the opportunity to mint your Assassins. After that, it’s time to begin your training.

Every good assassin needs a liaison and that’s where your handler comes in. Throughout your journey, your handler will give you assignments that reward you with NFT artifacts that you can then use for XP to elevate your standing within the Assassins’ Guild. The more Assassins you own, the more opportunities to accumulate artifacts and apply XP to your favorite Assassin in your collection.

When you enter the Assassins’ Guild, you’ll start out as a Recruit, and shortly after the minting period, your handler will provide you with your first assignment. At each stage, you’ll unlock new assignments with more chances to earn NFT artifacts for XP. After you’ve reached the Apprentice level, the real work begins as you start competing against your fellow assassins for the chance to earn rewards.

As you work your way up from Apprentice to Mercenary and beyond, you’ll take on increasingly higher stakes contracts. Compete against other assassins within the guild to move from Mercenary to Hunter, Hunter to Veteran, Veteran to Master Assassin, and finally, Master Assassin to Supreme Assassin. Each rank is limited in size and based on the amount of assignments completed by Assassins within the Assassins’ Guild.

  • Recruit
  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Mercenary (up to 6,620 Mercenaries)
  • Hunter (up to 3,310 Hunters)
  • Veteran (50 Veterans)
  • Master Assassin (15 Master Assassins)
  • Supreme Assassin (5 Supreme Assassins)

In addition to bragging rights within the community, we have amazing rewards for the top assassins after the end of our initial rewards period, including the Bullet Train: The Art and Making of the Film book signed by the director and producer of the film, collectible vinyl figures, copies of the key art tie-in edition of the original Bullet Train novel, and official movie posters.

Shortly after the sale launches, your handler will be reaching out with your first assignment.

Will you answer the call?

Join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned for more information from your Handler.



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