The Looney Tunes land on Nifty’s!

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4 min readJun 1, 2022

Since launching Nifty’s over a year ago, we’ve seen the NFT space move at Beep Beep speed. We’ve witnessed monkeys sell for millions, derivatives of derivatives, and truly amazing art come from the most unexpected creators thanks to this emerging technology. Beyond that, we’ve been energized by the new forms of community building, innovative experiences that weren’t possible before, and fans identifying with NFTs they love and believe will become cultural icons.

But that’s not all folks — We are thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. to introduce Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?, a unique, story-driven NFT experience that goes beyond simply collecting NFTs and brings you closer to the characters loved by millions for over 80 years! Animated cultural icons don’t get any bigger than this, and our aim, along with Warner Bros., is to expand the reach of this historic franchise by leveraging NFTs to engage fans from around the world and offer an entirely new experience.

The program begins with a series of generative avatar collections that draw inspiration from classic episodes of Looney Tunes, as the stylistic and conceptual grounding for the character art. We’ve combined the incredible style and flair of the animations produced in the first decades with modern touches of inspiration from the current NFT and cultural landscape.

However, it’s not JUST about art. Warner Bros. has created a new storyline for the program, filled with playful antics and humor, that unfolds over the course of multiple years, exclusively for members of this Looney Tunes fan community. Along the way, NFT collectors will have the ability to participate in fun activities and games — both digitally and in real life. Fans will have the opportunity to earn rewards, including virtual meet and greets, exclusive never-before-been-seen content, special access and offers to Looney Tunes merchandise and experiences, new NFT drops, and much more.

We’re kicking off this exciting program with everyone’s favorite little canary, Tweety! Tweety is celebrating his 80th Anniversary in 2022 and in honor of this landmark birthday, fans can collect one (or more) of Tweety’s NFTs for $80. There will be up to 10,000 Tweety avatars in the collection, featuring varied attributes like feather colors, backgrounds, hats, glasses, and other props. Presale for Tweety avatars begins June 20 with public sale starting on June 21.

Sample Tweety avatars.

Throughout 2022 (and beyond) Tweety will be joined by many of his Looney Tunes friends in What’s Up Block? and fans will have the chance to build out their collection as part of this epic adventure.

How can you get involved in this ultimate fan experience?

What else do you need to know?

  • Fans have the option to buy their Tweety avatars with Fiat (credit or debit card) and/or with cryptocurrency (DAI on the Palm blockchain). We’ve got some links to help you out with onboarding at the end of the blog!
  • Shortly after the reveal, the adventure will begin! Participating in the story will earn avatar holders special artifact NFTs that can be burned for XP to earn exclusive rewards.
  • These NFTs will be minted on the Palm Network, which features low gas costs and fast transaction finality.
  • Approximately 3% of each character’s NFTs will be withheld from the initial sale for use in community activities, giveaways, customer service resolutions, and promotional purposes throughout the many phases of the project.

Ready to join the fun? We can’t wait to see you inside!

For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to hop into our Discord or reach out to




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