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Matrix Mission 2: Burn XP for Leaderboard Points

Are you The One? Mission 2 is fully underway in Nifty’s Matrix Avatar program. For the last few weeks, you’ve been collecting Glitch in the Matrix NFTs and capturing the XP contained within. Now you’ll be putting that XP to use to climb our Red Pill and Blue Bill Leaderboards!

How it works

Collectors will have the opportunity to redeem their banked XP for Leaderboard Points. Head to the Matrix Avatars community page to apply your banked XP to an avatar of your choosing and track where that avatar lands on the leaderboard. The more points your avatar has, the higher they’ll climb. The reward period for Mission 2 will run from June 22 to July 7. At that point the Leaderboard for Red Pill avatars and Blue Pill avatars will be locked and rewards will be distributed. You can learn even more about artifact NFTs and XP in this blog post.

Mock-Up examples of applying XP to an avatar

Climb to the top of the Leaderboard and earn rewards

As mentioned above, the avatars who finish inside the reward tiers of the Red and Blue Pill Leaderboards will earn rewards — like trading cards, Glitch Cat hoodies, artifact NFTs, and more! US residents can earn physical rewards and winners outside of the US will receive a digital gift card equal to reward value.

What’s next in the journey down the rabbit hole?

Mission 3 will begin shortly after the end of the Mission 2's reward period, when the leaderboards will be reset, and avatar owners will be briefed on the next mission. Ready to enter the dojo?



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