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The Matrix Avatar Program: Mission 3 Begins November 10th!

Mission 3 of The Matrix Avatar Program is about to begin, and avatar holders will need stamina for this one! Over the next four months, avatars will enter various “simulations” and check in on the Nifty’s platform to earn artifact NFTs and build check-in streaks to achieve rewards. The simulations will look different for Red-Pill and Blue-Pill Avatars. Red-Pill Avatars will enter the dojo and begin their training, while Blue-Pill Avatars will strive to impress the boss and earn a promotion at the workplace. Get to know the story each avatar will follow through their own simulation, as well as mark the key dates for each simulation period.

Enter the Simulation

During four distinct periods from November 2022 through March 2023, avatar holders will check-in daily on There are three levels of streaks that avatar holders can strive towards with a different artifact NFT for each streak level. Artifacts can be burned to capture XP, which can be used to upgrade avatars in the future. Collectors that earn a Level 3 Streak will be rewarded with a Reward NFT before the next simulation cycle begins. Key dates and storyline details can be found below.

Clock in at Work

It’s a normal day at the workplace for Blue-Pill Avatars. However, a new opportunity for a promotion has just opened up. Maybe this is finally the chance to move up and get out of the cubicle. Clock in daily on to collect Office Supply Artifact NFTs. Keep up the hard work to achieve a Level 3 Streak and impress the bosses to get that promotion.

Train at the Dojo

Do you have what it takes to be a Kung Fu Master? Red-Pill Avatars will be taken into the dojo simulation. Train daily in the dojo on to prepare for a possible uprising and collect Training Artifact NFTs. Achieve a Level 3 Streak to impress the dojo masters by maintaining check-in streaks and become a Kung Fu Master.

Build Streaks, Earn Artifacts

During each simulation period, Blue-Pill and Red-Pill Avatar holders will have the opportunity to collect increasingly higher-value artifact NFTs. These artifact NFTs can be burned for XP to upgrade an avatar in the future. Each day they check in, avatar holders will earn a new artifact NFT specific to a Red-Pill or Blue-Pill Avatar. By achieving a Level 3 Streak, avatars will impress their boss or dojo master by earning a Reward NFT. Reward NFTs will provide access to a Discord Community Challenge. Streaks reset at the end of the “Simulation,” and avatar holders will have an opportunity to achieve new streak levels with each new simulation period.

Active Check-In Streaks

  • Streak 1: Days 1–6
  • Streak 2: Days 7–12
  • Streak 3: Days 13 — End of the Simulation period

Blue-Pill Streak Artifacts

  • Streak 1: Pens(10 XP)
  • Streak 2: Paper Clips (20 XP)
  • Streak 3: Post-It Notes (30 XP)

Red-Pill Streak Artifacts

  • Streak 1: Throwing Star (10 XP)
  • Streak 2: Nunchucks (20 XP)
  • Streak 3: Katana (30 XP)

Key Dates:

Simulation 1

  • Launch: November 10 at 12pm PT
  • Simulation Ends: December 13 at 12pm PT
  • Discord Community Challenge: December 15

Simulation 2

  • Reset Streak & Launch: December 15 at 12pm PT
  • Simulation Ends: January 17 at 12pm PT
  • Discord Community Challenge: January 19

Simulation 3

  • Reset Streak & Launch: January 19 at 12pm PT
  • Simulation Ends: February 14 at 12pm PT
  • Discord Community Challenge: February 16

Simulation 4

  • Reset Streak & Launch: February 16 at 12pm PT
  • Simulation Ends: March 14 at 12pm PT
  • Discord Community Challenge: March 16

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