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They are coming! Announcing George A. Romero’s Zombie Nation on Nifty’s

Just in time for Halloween, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with George A. Romero’s Estate and Polyform Studios to bring horror and zombie fans George A. Romero’s Zombie Nation, a digital collectibles experience. Romero, regarded as the “Godfather of Horror” and the “Father of the Zombie Film,” and his iconic movies and zombies, which terrified audiences for over 50 years, will serve as the creative inspiration for the collection and community building efforts. The program is the first NFT collection from the Estate, and highlights Romero’s iconic character references throughout the trajectory of his career.

Introducing Zombie Nation

The multi-part collectible program will comprise of NFT avatars that resemble trading cards, featuring character references such as “The Survivor,” “The Rebel,” and other iconic zombie film archetypes from the filmmaker’s robust catalog. The randomly generated digital collectibles will also feature 100% hand-drawn and digitally painted attributes to add to a realistic component of the project.

Romero’s work inspired legions of filmmakers, and keeping in line with his imagination and spirit for storytelling, collectors will be offered a series of token-gated tutorials focusing on creative uses of the NFTs, including script writing, storyboarding, rigging and animating their NFTs. We hope this program will not only showcase the work of future filmmakers looking to walk in Romero’s footsteps, but also open the door for more communities to utilize and benefit from the advantages of Web3 capabilities. In that spirit, for the first time on Nifty’s, fans who purchase the NFTs will receive ownership of copyright and licensing rights of their avatars.

Leading up to the avatar launch in early 2023, fans can look forward to numerous community-centered experiences and horror film co-learning tutorials.

To celebrate the announcement of this program, please join us in the Nifty’s Discord server on October 30, 2022 at 8:45 PM EST / 5:45 PM PST for a community screening of Night of the Living Dead, co-hosted by Suz Romero, George Romero’s wife and president and founder of The George Romero Estate.

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Hop into our Discord to share your favorite zombie movie moments with us, and make sure to follow Zombie Nation on Twitter, as we have a few Halloween tricks and treats to dish out.



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