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You’ve been recruited: Announcing Bullet Train Assassin Avatars

We’ve brought the adrenaline-racing adventure of the film Bullet Train to Nifty’s. First, moviegoers got the chance to collect a free Momonga mascot NFT with eligible ticket purchases. Now, we’re excited to announce the next leg of this journey: Assassin Avatars recruitment.

Often depicted as shadowy characters who exhibit specialized skills and the art of stealth, assassins have become popular characters in pop culture through video games, television, and film. Once you’ve gotten to know the five lethal passengers of Bullet Train, it’s time to recruit an Assassin of your own and answer the call of your handler to begin this high-speed NFT adventure. This unique collection of Assassin will draw visual inspiration from the film’s iconic moments, characters, and props, all randomly generated in an anime-style, including: oni masks, bomber jackets, more than 15 weapons, and Elite Editions. Discover all the unique Assassin styles when you mint your own avatar, or browse the collection on the secondary marketplace and purchase those that fit your own personality.

Just like in the film, shortly after minting your avatar, you’ll be given an assignment from your handler and earn rewards for completing tasks. For each assignment you complete, you’ll earn XP by burning artifact NFTs that will accrue to your Assassin’s Vault and move you up the ranks on your journey from Recruit to Supreme Assassin. Your assassin will receive assignments that include various puzzles, social activations, collection challenges, and, once you reach Mercenary status, unique high-stakes contracts. You’ll also have the option to work alone or join a crew to complete select assignments. In addition to bragging rights within the community, we have amazing rewards for the top assassins after the end of our initial rewards period, including, the Bullet Train: The Art and Making of the Film book signed by the director and producer of the film, collectible vinyl figures, copies of the key art tie-in edition of the original Bullet Train novel, and official movie posters.

Before taking on your first assignment, here are some answers to a few questions you may have:

Will there be an allowlist for Assassin NFTs?

Yes! We are collaborating with to create an allow list for fans who follow us on Twitter and Discord. We are also extending allowlist spots to Premint pass holders, as well as select NFT communities. Visit Premint to learn more and register for your opportunity to secure an allowlist spot with your wallet.

When can I mint my Assassin NFT?

The sale for Assassin Avatars begins in September and they will be minted on Ethereum with an instant reveal. The Momonga mascot NFTs, which were available during the film’s opening weekend, will also be available for purchase on the Secondary Marketplace.

How do I mint an Assassin NFT?

Here are the ways you can mint your Assassin avatar, starting in September:

  • Crypto (ETH, BTC, APE, DAI, etc.)
  • Credit or debit

Assassins will also be available for purchase on the Secondary Marketplace.

How do I become a Supreme Assassin?

To reach the upper echelon of Assassins, you’ll need to engage with the community and actively take on assignments from your handler, as well as successfully complete high-stakes contracts. As you complete each assignment and earn XP, Assassins will rise the ranks through 8 tiers to achieve Supreme Assassin status. As you progress your avatar, the metadata will update to signify your Assassin’s status on the blockchain.

Tell me more about these Assignments!

If we told you, then we’d have to… well… you know. Make sure to join our End of the Line community on Discord to stay up to date and prepare for your first assignment shortly after the Assassin avatar sale.



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