Binance Vs Bittrex Review 2020 — Which Is a Better Exchange?

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I wrote this article in plain language to help you understand better, below is a list of everything I will be covering today. Click on any one to take you directly to the content.

  1. Binance Overview
  2. Bittrex Overview
  3. Compared Features- Binance Vs Bittrex
  4. My Verdict- Which is Better
  5. Conclusion

Binance Overview


Binance Services

  • Exchanges
  • Margin Trading
  • Markets
  • Trust Wallet
  • Buy Crypto

Bittrex Overview

Bittrex Team

Compared Features- Binance Vs Bittrex


Supported Countries


Binance is a global exchange which means that it is available worldwide. However, it prohibits 13 states in the US from using its exchange.


On the other hand, Bittrex is supported in many countries worldwide except, Cuba, the Crimean region, Iran, North Korea, and Syria and individuals with economic sanctions levied against them.

Supported Cryptocurrencies


Binance Supports over 100 Cryptocurrencies including all the major altcoins like Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.


Bittrex tops Binance in this category, with over 250 coins supported.

Accepted Payment Methods

Both Exchanges accept the same payment methods, which are;

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit card
  • All supported cryptos

Transaction Fees

Binance fares better in this section; it charges an average of 0.1% per trade as against Bittrex’s 0.25%.

Security and Customer Support

Both Exchanges have pretty standard security measures in place to ensure the safety of customers funds. Security measures such as two-factor authentication etc.

My Verdict- Binance Vs Bittrex

Both Binance and Bittrex are trusted by many and enjoy a considerable amount of cryptocurrency trade volumes. This is mainly due to the fact that both platforms provide its users with speed stability and most of all, security.


That’s it on Binance vs Bittrex.



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