The Ledger Blue Review: 5 Things You Must Know

Ledger Blue

Post Summary

The Ledger Blue was launched in 2016 by Ledger, a leading company in cryptosecurity.

  • Price Tag and Unboxing
  • How to set up Your Ledger Blue
  • Supported Cryptos and Apps
  • Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion

About the Ledger Blue

If you have been searching for a reliable wallet for your coins, then you need to check out the Ledger Blue.

Price Tag and Unboxing

Sold at $266, this wallet is one of the most expensive hardware wallets to buy.

  • USB cable
  • Recovery sheet
  • User manual

How To Setup Your Ledger Blue

Now I will show you these 4 easy steps to set up your newly purchased Ledger Blue. Turn the device on by using the power button or connect to your computer. This won’t take you up to 3minutes.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Unlike its cousin wallets, the Blue supports a lesser number of cryptos. Perhaps this is why it has sold lesser units apart from its high cost. It supports over 30 cryptocurrencies, and can manage up to 8 crypto assets simultaneously.

Pros and Cons of the Blue

Let’s look at the device’s ups and downs.


  • It has a large touchscreen for clearer visual
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Multiple currency support
  • It is user-friendly


  • It is highly expensive
  • Limited copies up for sale
  • It is bulky to carry about unlike other smaller wallets


That’s it about the Ledger Blue, you already have all the info you need within a short time.



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