How to Create NFT Art Using Artificial Intelligence. No Code or Digital Art Skills Required.

Elle Moule
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6 min readJun 14, 2021


How to create NFT Art

Do you want to know how to create NFT art, but don’t know where to start? It’s easier than you think! Collaborate with artificial intelligence to create amazing art you can sell as NFTs.

NFTs are booming, with many digital artworks selling for millions of dollars. In this article, we’ll show you how to get in on that action by creating NFT art from scratch. You won’t need to know how to code or have artistic experience. If you have an eye for what looks good, then you’re all set.

There are loads of articles out there explaining how to mint or create NFTs, but they assume you already have the digital artwork created. In this article, we will cover the fundamental first stage of how to create amazing digital artwork using artificial intelligence in 5 simple steps. It should take you 10 minutes or less to follow all the steps and end up with some sellable crypto-art.

For this tutorial, we’re going to show you how you can turn one photo of a skeleton sporting an afro and sweet sunglasses into a collection of art ready to be sold as NFTs. Don’t worry, the skills you learn can be used to create more than just skeleton-afro art.

A quick note before we get started: these instructions work for all devices (desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile). The screenshots are taken on a laptop.

Step 1

Head to NightCafe Creator, then select any pink button that says ‘CREATE’ or ‘START CREATING’.

Step 2

Choose an image.

This is where we select our photo of the funky skeleton. For your own collection, you can import any image of your own or choose one from the selection of free images (which is where this funky skeleton came from). The free images come from Pexels, and are licensed to allow you to modify them for commercial use.

Step 3

Choose a style (or many).

Now we’re going to select three different styles we want the skeleton to be recreated in. Before we start selecting the styles, turn on the ‘Advanced options’ switch at the top of the page and the ‘Try multiple styles’ switch just over to the right of the style section.

For these creations, we’re going to use some of Beeple’s artworks as our style images. These are already available for anyone to use in NightCafe Creator’s selection of preset styles.

Side Note >> It’s free to create up to three artworks each day using NightCafe Creator. If you want to create more, there are several credit pack options you can purchase on the go. If you don’t want to buy credits, there are also things you can do to ‘Earn’ them. Read more about this on the pricing page.

Step 4

Set the AI algorithm parameters.

Under Creation Settings, you can make adjustments to determine how the AI reimagines your input image in the selected styles (these will only appear if you have the ‘Advanced options’ switched on at the top of the page). Here you can sharpen, increase or decrease the content weight (how much the result should look like the content image vs the style), make the artwork more detailed or abstract, and more. For this collection, we’re going to leave these options at the default settings. This is a good way to start for first time users because it gives you a good baseline to refer to.

Step 5

Select your resolution & CREATE.

Finally, the last step is to choose your resolution (low, medium or high) and click ‘CREATE’. For this NFT collection, we are going to choose low resolution.

If you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to log in or sign up using Facebook, Google or an email address before you can see your newly created artworks. This ensures that you can always access them in the future. Sign up only takes a few seconds and you will be directed straight back to your new creations once finished.

How do I access my artworks on NightCafe Creator?

Once you have finished, you will be redirected to your creation portfolio. This can also be accessed from any other page on NightCafe just by selecting ‘My Creations’ in the top right hand corner (or “Dashboard” on mobile).

If you have allowed notifications, a handy alert will pop up to let you know when your NightCafe creation is ready. You will also receive an email, so no need to hang around waiting for your creation to finish. They will only take a few minutes, but this is just enough time to kick off your next batch of artworks.

How long will it take to generate my artworks on NightCafe Creator?

This will only take a few minutes. Even if you bulk-generate 100 artworks at once, it should only take about 10 minutes for them all to be completed.

How do I download my artworks?

Open the artwork you want to download from the ‘My Creations’ page > select ‘DOWNLOAD’. Alternatively, from the ‘My Creations’ page hover over your artwork and select the download icon.

What if I need higher resolution?

This is extremely simple and quick to do. If you haven’t yet finalised your artwork, simply choose ‘Medium Res’ or ‘High Res’ when completing Step 5. Alternatively, if you want to increase the resolution of an existing artwork, open that artwork from the ‘My Creations’ page > select ‘DUPLICATE’ > scroll to the bottom of this page > select ‘Medium Res’ or ‘High Res’ > select ‘CREATE’.


If you followed all the steps, you’ll now have 3 artworks ready to be minted as NFTs (you’ll need to find another tutorial to learn how to mint them, but there are plenty of those around). You’ve probably not spent a single cent to get to this point, but if you want to expand on your collection, you might need to buy or earn some credits. Many artists (and non-artists) are using NightCafe Creator to generate tens or hundreds of artworks a day for the purpose of selling as NFTs — and making a hefty profit! Of course, the art itself is just one requirement for becoming a profitable crypto-artist, but now that you’ve got that ticked off it’s onwards and upwards!