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Asterisk Nation: One Tribe’s Challenge to Find Data About its Population

By Andy Krackov and Sarah Marikos

An image from the Yurok Tribe’s home page.
  1. Tribe-specific data — and data on Native Americans in general — is not regularly collected by the eight public agencies who participated in our assessment.
  2. Data sharing policies are in place between non-tribal and tribal entities, but they are underutilized.
  3. Despite the challenges, public agencies are interested in partnering with tribes to improve data collection and reporting. All agencies think there would be benefits to the larger community through better data collection and sharing.
The changing categories the U.S. Census Bureau has used to measure race. Credit: Pew Research Center



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Andy Krackov

Andy runs a consultancy, Hillcrest Advisory, to help organizations communicate data effectively and transform numbers into impact.