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Graphing Construction on Tram Line 6 in Budapest

Re-creating an 1880s train schedule diagram for one of the busiest tram lines in all of Europe

Trams in front of Nyugati Railway Station, Budapest, 1890s. Photo: Fortepan / Budapest Főváros Levéltára / Klösz György

Replacement buses

Two minutes and thirty-five seconds and a time-space graph

E.J. Marey’s 1880s train schedule diagram. Source.

Marey, meet tram line 6

A concise way to show time and space: years are displayed on the horizontal axis while the vertical axes show the tram line and its stops. Source code.
Trams at Moszkva tér, 1975. Line 4/6 terminates behind the building with the fan-shaped roof. Photo: Fortepan.

One diagram, many insights

Final thoughts



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