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How I Quit My Full-Time Job to Pursue a Freelance Career As a Data Visualization Designer

Image of my desk when I worked at Kantar. I took the photo on my last day there.
I took this image on my last day (Aug 9, 2019) at my previous job. I cleaned up my desk and was ready to go. It was the biggest risk I took in my life.

It’s been four months since I quit my full-time job to pursue a career in data visualization (data viz) design. I thought I’d talk about what I’ve learned thus far so that others might learn something from my journey. Full disclaimer: everything I talk about in this article is specific to my situation. Consider what I’m advising and if it…




We moved to!

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Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang

Data Visualization Designer. I provide a new perspective on how to see and understand the world.

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