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Mico Yuk on the Importance of Community and the Paradigm Shift in Business Intelligence

The CEO of analytics consultancy, BI Brainz reflects on her career path and how to help companies make sense of their data.

Mico Yuk front and center leading a BI Brainz BI Storytelling Accelerator (3-day Live Workshop), VIP Customer Dinner | Sept 2019. Front Row: Brent Warren, Amy Ewing, Tamica Fraser (BI Brainz), Mico Yuk, Mary Ann Prunier Middle Row: Franco Becerril, Hunter Dumoulin, Savannah Entrekin (BI Brainz), Amanda Contella, Heather Sinkwitz Back Row: Rick Grantham (BI Brainz), Bjorn Johansson, Charles Reeves, Rowan Hinton (EPI-Use / BI Brainz)




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